Friday, November 12, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

Teaching your children to be thankful is one of the most important virtues that you can instill upon their little brains. It doesn't come naturally but with consistency, repetition and simply making it a habit, their attitude towards gratefulness will begin to change.  Teaching them to be grateful in difficult times is also very important.  We've tried to make this month our month of thanksgiving and just listening to what the boys are thankful for each night makes my heart swell.  They are so innocent and yet so thankful for the little things that it can knock your socks off.  It just goes to show that every little thing you do in your child's life is important.  Even if most of the things they are thankful for involve food (Brody) or toys (Baylor) tucked away in their little hearts are moments that you as a parent have taken the time to spend with them.  Treating each moment as something to be grateful for is an art.  Some of mine for this week are: 

1. A certain person who shall remain nameless, but really out of the kindness of their heart decided to let a simple error that had gone unnoticed and created quite an unfortunate situation, be wiped clean.  Who does that anymore?! Needless to say, it was pretty awesome and made my day...week...month....year.  

2. That I have glasses and a library that loans me free books to immerse myself into each night.  Staying up far too late to dive into a great novel and forget about just how stressful the day was.  

3. My band.  They're not really my band, but they are like my second family.  I care about each of them and am so very blessed to be able to be a part of such an amazing group of talented musicians.  No one gets paid, no one really gets anything, except for ultimate enjoyment of making beautiful music and being surrounded by people who love to make beautiful music.  

4. That cross country season is almost over.  Almost. Then track starts.  BUT I do get a few weeks where my hard working husband is home on a weekend. I will soak up those precious weekends! (I also have a huge list of things for him to do around the house, shhhhh) 

5. Friends who get my sense of humor.  They may be rare, but they get me......I get them....and we laugh.  

6.  P90X.....couldn't lift my arms above my head yesterday to brush my hair BUT I caught a glimpse of an ab muscle in the mirror (glimpse....could have been a figment of my imagination) 

7.  My brother Kort who is serving in the Air Force right now. My brother in law, Bill who is in Army Ranger training and my sister in law Kim who served in Iraq.  I have the utmost respect for them and our armed forces.  

8.  Thanksgiving.  I get to play Martha Stewart, see most of the Speidel family and my sister in law Bri is flying in from Louisiana.  SO stoked. 

9.  My boys. I am thankful for these balls of energy just about every second of every day.  Even in times of nudity, mutiny and temper tantrums. That I was chosen to mold, care for, love and send in the right direction, these precious yet crazy little boys.  I wouldn't trade this job for anything.  

10. My sexy husband.  Really. He thinks his partially graying hair isn't handsome, but I beg to differ.  He has definitely put new meaning to the phrase, "better with age."  

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Andrea G. said...

First - the blog looks GREAT! Second, you are so GOOD at being thankful! Thanks for reminding me of ways to encourage thankfulness in my kiddos!!!