Friday, November 19, 2010

Home improvement marriage building

 I don't suggest that anyone, especially two married folks, to embark on a home improvement project (or trying to fix a bathroom boo boo) together.

In the same room.


one person starting the project and think *she* is doing a bang up job, only to be shot down and crushed by the other person involved.  

Okay, okay....I have many talents but apparently cutting tile 

It all started as a little re-caulking project and ended up as a major bathroom overhaul.  A major bathroom overhaul that was not in our budget for this month, especially since Thanksgiving looms around the corner.  I have to give my wonderful husband credit, he did a marvelous job.  I however, sucked it up.  I shall no longer be allowed to place sticky squares anywhere in our house....ever.  Amen.  

The best line of the day goes to Baylor who exclaims, "We have a new bathroom!! The old one was hairy!!"
(I'm so sorry that I shed like a banshee) 

 Here is the finished product. SO much better than the purple wall and whitish yellowing tile.  It is however, VERY slippery...just ask two naked, wet boys who bit it after their baths.
                   So happy to have my bathroom back and unfortunately for Brody, will no longer have to shower in a big tiled room with lots of showers and lockers.  

P.S I have a new stove too (also not in the budget but much needed...Merry Christmas to me!)

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