Monday, November 22, 2010

It's perfect!

I have been looking through magazines and browsing websites for the past few months, dreaming about the perfect Thanksgiving table.  Researching different recipes and decorations, contemplating how I can achieve total domesticity on this beloved  forgotten holiday.

I had been frazzled and stressed out, trying to clean and find chairs to fit around the table and china that matched. NOTHING matches in my house.  Chairs don't match, plates don't match, furniture doesn't match, towels don't match and on rare occasion my socks don't match.  Someday things will match, just not at this point in my life.  I pulled out every utensil, cup, saucer and platter trying to find the perfect place setting.  I was failing miserably at this point, when Baylor comes into the kitchen where I had everything sprawled out on the counter. It looked like the china cabinet had just barfed.

If I had a china cabinet.  

He smiles and walks away. I can see the excitement of the impending holiday in his little eyes.  He has no idea why mom is cursing at the silverware.

I continue to put table cloths on and rearrange chairs (or lack thereof) to make sure we are able to walk and sit and of course for our expanding bellies.  I threw some pumpkins and Indian corn on the table and stacked some plates, but really it was just a huge mess.  Nothing was organized, nothing matched.....and in walks Baylor.



It's perfect.

It takes one five year old to make this crazy mother realize that it's not about having matching china or a Martha Stewart like table, it's about who is sitting at those slightly crooked and very dirty chairs.

I am looking forward to preparing a meal for family but what I am most looking forward to having them all here (except for our two brave soldiers Bill and Kort) There will be tears I'm sure and much laughter!

Ah, enough of this mush. I am off to scrape dried peanut butter off the table....*sigh*


Dawn said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

Robyn.and.Darrell said...

Perfect indeed. That's great! (Will you send him this way to tell me the same thing now? K, thanks.) Happy Thanksgiving!!! <3, Robyn