Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A life long learner

I am one of those people who has a really hard time following directions BUT I really like to learn new things (this combination often proves to be a failure in most circumstances, but I'm working on it) I like to consider myself a life long learner and hope we are teaching the boys that you can learn just about anytime, anywhere you just have to have an open mind (to a point....we wouldn't want the brains to fall out now would we?) I have a list on my computer of things that I want to learn before I die.  I bucket list of learning if you will.....

1. Learn how to play the cello, such a beautiful instrument and when I was younger and picking an instrument to play, I couldn't get my arms around it.

2. Put on and wear lipstick correctly.  I am an epic failure and picking a shade that looks good on me and they all seem to come out the same color...eighties hot pink.

3. Read all of the classics.  Dictionary in hand, cup of tea and comfy chair, I will tackle them all.

4. Participate in THIS race.  Jen, you're doing it with me.  I'm making you.

5. To learn how to control my anger.  Keri, angry? Heck yes. I am a live wire most of the time.

6. Go on a real honeymoon.  Lonnie, my dear....I LOVE the Cardinals and I LOVE you but I'm thinking of something warm, with sandy beaches and drinks with little umbrellas where I don't have to move for hours on end.

7.  Write a book.  No, really.  I already have a few titles in of which is Speak Loudly and Carry a Girnormous Stick; living with miniature nudists.

8.  Learn a martial art.  I've taken a few kick boxing classes and they were pretty awesome....found muscles I didn't know existed.

...and the list continues!

What are some things that you want to learn how to do before you bite the dust?

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