Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Musings......things I'm thankful for this week

I want to start each week off by thinking of things (be them small or large) that I'm thankful for......sometimes it's the little things!

1. A car radio.  I didn't realize how much little ears soak up and also how amazingly quiet a car can be when you stick in Adventures in Odyssey.

2. Muscles. That's right. I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back here and applaud my amazonian woman efforts this morning.  I (for the 7th year in a row) managed to take out the screens and put in the winter storm windows on our front porch.  Thank you P90X for making the heaving a little less excruciating.

3. Friends.  My dad told me this week that he ran into two of my old high school friends and one from elementary school that read this blog.  Humbled to say the least.  I am so thankful to have friends from all over, from all different religions, political backgrounds, shapes and sizes.  Friends from elementary school, high school, college and all over the place! I hope that they can take one nugget of encouragement, laughter or insight from my ramblings.  Now you know what a big dork I really am.

4.  My Brody man's sense of humor.  Here is how this conversation went:
Me: Brody, what are you reading?
Brody: The Bible!
Me: What does it say?
Brody: It says (Taking finger and pointing at the words as if reading) that you should give me cookies and popcicles.
Me: wow.

I also caught him carrying on a complete phone conversation with someone......using a calculator as a phone. I'll post the video later.

5. My husband the super anal budget man and receipt Nazi.  Hey, someone has to keep me on track.  I knew  I kept him around for a reason.

6.  That people a. like and b. are buying my artwork.  Pretty humbled by that one too.  It was really gotten us through these tight months!

7.  Miniature Kit-Kat bars.  My mouth thanks you, my hiney does not.

8.  The Internet. How else would I be able to capture and share the hilarious, the touching and the insane moments that go on in this house with the entire world?

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