Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do you like sugar? Is there sugar in syrup? THEN YES!!!

 Friday, on a much deserved and unexpected day off from work, my mama, the boys and myself pulled out all of butter, sugar and whipping cream that we could find.  She did most of the cooking while we did most of the, I mean testing of the goods.
 First we prayed.

Prayed that Brody would keep his clothes on, that there would be no fires or hurling of cookie dough.
 There was much testing.  You can't have a baking day without testing.
 I swear I didn't put that spatula back.......I think.
 There was wearing of vintage aprons and watching of candy thermometers.  Obviously I failed at finding the correct temperature because my pecan caramels turned into pecan caramel ice cream topping. Bah Humbug.
 If you remember the little Parmesan cheese incident, I'll give you one guess as to who decorated this cookie.
 Taking an espresso break.  

No, not really. 

There's milk in there.

 The cookie press, that unfortunately failed us towards the end and caused the grandma much cursing.

There was lots. 
Get over it. It's Christmas. 
 Sugar and BUTTER. 

Dear Lord almighty.

There was also some of this.......
Don't even ask......

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Dawn said...

Oh that made me giggle!