Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Truthful Tuesday: Christmas season observations

They say it's, "The most wonderful time of the year..." but as witness to grumpy sales clerks, children throwing tantrums and overindulgent parents, I think it's safe to say that we have clearly forgotten the reason for the season.  What used to be a simple celebration of the birth of Christ has turned into a chaotic and stressful time filled with cheesy buzzwords like JOY and PEACE and CELEBRATE! Have you ever really thought about the reason for those words other than adjectives to describe how you feel when you get a babysitter for the night?

Just some food for thought.

Speaking of thought. Having being sucked into the stress and chaos myself, I have had a few minutes to contemplate on some holiday observations.....

1. Simple is good. Simple gestures of kindness can make a persons day. Case in point; bringing a set of peppermint mochas to the receptionists at the dentist. I've never seen two people so excited over caffeine.
(I was also trying to cover my buns for missing Baylor's appointment last week...I think it worked!)

2. It's never a good idea to bring your children to the store at bedtime.  It's bedtime. Not shopping time.  Leave them at home...in bed. You don't get angry. They don't get angry. We all win.

3. Christmas cookies that look good, do not always taste so good.

4. Forwarding your husband a coupon for Lands End is the easiest way to get your point across.

5. Making a word document entitled, "KERI'S CHRISTMAS WISH LIST" and saving it to the desktop is also an efficient way to get your point across.

6.  Glass ornaments fear Brody....heck, even plastic ornaments fear Brody (see video)

7. I love God. I hate winter. (for those of you that think hating a season is sacrilegious)

8. I fear that I am using the, "It's the holidays" excuse to eat really unhealthy foods.  Yep, I am.

9. My husband signed me up for Perspectives.  I was dragging my feet terribly....thinking of every excuse. He trumped my excuses and signed me up.  I am looking forward to it AND I know some of you that read this blog have gone and loved it and/or your husbands are speakers!

10. Did I mention I hate winter?

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jamie said...

sweet DUDE about perspectives :) I thought you took it already? and i HATE winter too.