Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas.....

Twas the night before Christmas and all through our house, 
The boys were all stirring....yes, even my spouse.
The stockings were hid in the cabinet with care,
In hopes that the kids would not find them there.

The kids tried their best to not go to bed,
Some water! The potty! Now kiss my head!
I finally calmed them and kissed them goodnight,
Duct taped the door and turned out the light.

When five minutes later, I heard a big crash,
Brody was naked and gone in a flash.
Baylor he yelled for his bro to return,
"My goodness that child, when would he learn!"

Clothed, kissed and hushed, the boys were asleep,
I tip toed downstairs to the big laundry heap.
Stepped over some toys, the pillows and blocks,
Around light sabres, two dogs and some socks.

The dishes were piled so high in the sink,
If I tried to ignore them, maybe they'd shrink.
So much to do, presents to wrap,
Some wrapping and cleaning...I need a nap.

The huss and the fuss we've made it to be,
What happened to Jesus and family?
Presents and shopping and baking and stress,
We've forgotten his birth that for surely will bless.

So forget about presents and wrapping and pie,
Remember the Angels we have heard on high.
Be thankful for family, your warm house, your health,
It's not about wish lists or tinsel or wealth.

Remember this Christmas that babe in the hay,
To save us from sin, he planned it that way.
Snow falling gently so silently outdoors,

Christmas blessings from our house to yours!

1 comment:

jamie said...

that's right girl- that's why we have stopped it all.... it's Jesus birthday lets celebrate right!