Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First I must enlighten you with a scene from dinner tonight.  A scene of epic proportions.....and a ginormous mound of Parmesan cheese.  Where did this spectacular mound come from, you ask?  This mound is the end product of a certain three year old, "DOING IT HIMSELF!!!"  Sometimes there are battles not worth fighting and tonight I did not fight the battle of the Parmesan, instead I retaliated, grinned and grabbed the camera.  He also had to eat that mound of cheese.  Good thing cheese ranks #2 on his most favorite foods list.

Okay, now on to something a wee bit on the serious side.  I'm stealing this link from my friend Andrea, she always has good links!  It's great.  What is IT?

If you blog, if you Twitter, if you Facebook, if you should read this.  I am most guilty of sharing a massive amount of information, jokes, photos, you name it......guilty, guilty, guilty.  I love it. I crave it. I'm weird, I know.  I blog. I Facebook. I Twitter. I write. Sometimes I dream in Facebook status updates.

It's amazing how powerful words are. I hope my words are pleasing to read, but most of all I hope they are pleasing to Him.


And now for something completely different......

Random thoughts today: By Keri

1. Starting to feel jiggly, not a good feeling...back to P90X asap.
2. I have a real problem with odd numbers. I hate them. I would rather buy something that cost $40 rather than $37.....simply because it's odd. I'm odd.
3. I have become slightly addicted to reading.  The pile of books on my night stand it five. Did you know it's hard to read five books at the same time?
4. I am the world's worst present wrapper. Family beware.
5. I am studying the book of Isaiah in BSF. It's amazing. I learned today that I need to be more joyful (duh) and deliberate (more on that later) when teaching my children about God's word!
6. I love watching my husband at work. It's where I first fell in love with him and it's where he's in his element.
7. My hands are so cold right now that it's hard to type. I hate winter.
8. My children are in bed and it's time for me to clean the floor. Joyfully of course.

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Allison said...

Ummmm...I'm almost 30 and that is exactly what my spaghetti looks like. What's the problem? :)