Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Excuse me, can I have that GINORMOUS box?

Let me set the scene for you.........

We are getting a new furnace and water heater and I spot this amazingly huge box that would make a fabulous rocket ship.  The two men that are putting them in are a father and son duo, a tad on the rough side, but nice nonetheless.  I'm sure someone who saw Brody on any given day would also say, "he's a tad on the rough side." I would have to agree.  Anyways.....story goes like this.

Me: Excuse me kind, no that wasn't it......

Excuse me, I was wondering if I could have that box over there (me pointing to the water heater box)

Son: (gives me strange if I had just asked him if his name was pronounced Throat-Warbler Mangrove...his name was Kenny)

Dad: Wha'da want it for? (Think grumpy cowboy voice)

Me: My boys actually want to play in it.

Son: (still looking at me strangely......what? Do I have something in my teeth?)

Dad: Oh, well we don't give those boxes hear about them kids that played in those boxes......

Me: Thinking: (Yes, kids....I have two....and they play....your point is?)

Dad: ....well them kids got all inside that box and rolled right out into the street......

Me: Well, I wasn't going to have them play in the street.......

Dad:....yup, they rolled right out into the street and some car almost ran them over.  I wouldn't let your kids play in that box.

Me: I was actually just going to bring it inside here.....inside my living room.  (Is he really serious? Does he think I'm going to let me kids roll out into the a HUGE the middle of winter?)

Dad: Well, just don't let them roll it out into the street....they could get hit by cars you know.

Me: Yes, no rolling in street. Got it.  (Are you going to give me the box or what?!)

Son: Sure, you can have it.

Me: Thanks (make mental note to remind kids of how rolling very large boxes into the street when it's 15 degrees outside, while their mother leaves them unattended, is not a good idea)

End of story.

Box is in my living room.
Not in the street....but in case you see a huge box in the middle of the street, I would avoid it at all costs, there might be small children inside.

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jamie said...

ha ha ha- that is HILARIOUS dude! wanna do 1/2 marathon beginning of may? email me