Saturday, January 15, 2011

The giant sloth and drool

 Why yes....that is drool, a whole puddle of drool....right there on his coat.  

 Did I ever tell you that Baylor sleeps with his eyes cracked  a wee bit? 

It's completely freaky. 
 He's really going to have to quit drinking so much.......
Took the boys to the Natural History museum in Iowa City today. Here is the giant sloth. Speaking of giant butt set off the alarm when we were trying to take this photo.  Nice one mom.


Janice said...

One of my kiddos sleeps with their eyes open a wee bit too, it IS creepy, esp when you can only see the whites.

Lindsay said...

I still sleep with my eyes open a bit. Depending on how much they're open, Art is either creeped out or starts talking to me, thinking I'm awake.

Dawn said...

My kids love that museum!