Thursday, January 20, 2011

I still hate winter

 Sure it might be pretty.....sometimes.....but it still stinks.  You'd think by now, living in the great state of Iowa my entire life.....(that would be almost 30 years.....don't get me started) I would be used to this frigid frozen tundra.


Not used to it.  

Slushy mushy snow all over my floor.
Salt in crevices (not bodily mind you)
Frozen pipes and clothes in the dryer (yes, it's possible)
Nostrils freezing together.
Stuck inside for days on end.
Scraping car windows.
Huddling close to space heaters.
Needing a defibrillator after opening heating bill.
Can't run outside.

Okay, so it's a little pretty....little bit. 


You can make snowmen so high that the local law enforcement stops by to have their pictures taken. 
Either way, I'm really ready for spring. REALLY.

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