Saturday, January 1, 2011

Keri's Top 10's of 2010

Happy New Year!!

It just wouldn't be proper to leave this year without a post with LISTS! (I am a lover of lists) Here are some lists of my favorites for this year. In no particular order.

Read these.....some of these are children's books since I am a slow reader.
1. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
2. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
3. The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman
4. The Ghost Orchid by Carol Goodman
5. The Shack by William Young
6. The Book Thief
7. The Winter Garden
8. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
9. My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
10. Surprised by Joy by C.S Lewis

Listen to these....I could hardly choose just 10, I am a lover of music.
1. Boy with a coin by Iron and Wine
2. Thinking Bout Something by Hanson (Yes, Hanson)
3. Paper Aeroplan by Angus and Julia Stone
4. Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
5. Beautiful by Phil Wickham
6. Happiness by The Fray
7. If I Die Young by The Band Perry
8. Walking in Minefields by Andrew Peterson
9.  Take my Life by Kari Jobe
10. Sliding Down by Edgar Mayer and Bela Fleck

Drink these.....
1. Unsweetened almond milk
2. Odwalla Superfood smoothie
3. Smithwicks Irish Ale
4. LaSerra Mascato D'Asti
5. Dirty Chai from Espresso 134 (unfortunately they're closed now)
6. Cappuccino from Fuel (simply the best hands down)
7. Naked reduced calorie peach guava smoothie
8.  Fountain Diet Coke from Casey's (I get a craving about 1pm....not good when you're trying to give it up)
9.  Superfruit Green Tea by Lipton
10.  Moroccan Mint tea by Stash

Eat these.....
1. Nutella (seriously people, why didn't anyone tell me about this until now?)
2. White Chocolate macadamian nut ice cream by Blue Bunny
3. Greek yogurt with honey
4. Chocolate covered prunes
5. Kashi heart healthy crunch
6. Steel cut oatmeal
7. 70% dark chocolate
8. Black bean soup with bacon
9. The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls...Dear Lord
10. Flourless chocolate cake

Wear really shouldn't be taking fashion advice from me (I have help)
1. Skinny jeans....I was technically against these until I found a pair that fit over my fat calves. Now I'm addicted.
2. Sweater Dresses with tights
3. A simple white t-shirt and comfy jeans (my favorite outfit)
4. Converse shoes (I would have a pair in every color if I was allowed to)
5. Brooks running shoes
6. Padded bike shorts....I learned the hard way...and when I say hard...I mean HARD. Ouch.
7. Tall boots
8. Nike sweatpants *sigh* heaven.
9. Asics running socks
10. Brooks running shorts in black spandex.....heck yes.

Watch these......I know, I know I'm off by a few years...but when you have children, watching movies and t.v aren't really at the top of your to-do list.
1. The Polar Express (trust me, I've seen this 123 times this week)
2. Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe)
3. Gran Torino
4. The Informant!
5. Storm Chasers
6. Up
7. Man vs. Food.... unfortunately every time I watch this I get seriously hungry and scavenge
8. Top Gear (BBC version)
9. American Pickers
10.  Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.....if Mike Rowe ran for President, I might just vote for him because of his voice.

Don't let you kids DO these.......
1. Lick outlets
2. Plug things in, "by themselves"
3. Pour orange juice, "by themselves"
4. Put Parmesan cheese on the noodles with a lid that isn't quite secure (this also goes for sprinkles)
5. Brush their teeth on their own (Brody simply sucks the toothpastes off and then yells, "I'm DONE!")
6. Answer the door before you can say, "wait....I just got out of the shower!!"
7. Demonstrate what they learned in swimming the bathtub
8. Help you bake....with eggs....without supervising.
9. Eat red pop-cicles with white shirts on. Duh mom.
10. Brush the dog......with a fork.

Miscellaneous awesome things....
1. Method cleaning supplies from Target
2. Probiotics by GNC
3. Antibacterial hand gel in Sweet Pea (I have it everywhere....EVERYWHERE...I'd bathe my kids in it if I could)
4. The book of Isaiah (Studying this in BSF this year, it never ceases to amaze me)
5. iPod nano
6. Gimp (the free photoshop)
7. Steam mop
8. Electric blanket....I walk RUN to bed every night.
9. Dr. Pepper chapstick
10. Eye lid primer


AnE said...

I got Dr. Pepper Chapsitck from santa when I was about 7 and ate the entire thing! :) good stuff!

meredith pedde said...

chocolate covered prunes?!?! prunes are pretty much one of my top 5 favorite foods (i know, i feel like i'm 90 instead of 30 when i write that, but...) and that's without being covered in chocolate! thanks for the the info - i'll definitely make sure to look out for them.

Crazy Mom said...

And just so we're know you pronounce the Beer Smitticks not Smith Wicks. At least, that is how john had to order it in Dublin!

I have to disagree with you on the Shack. Besides being a horribly depressing book, I thought it was actually just not very well written. It was like the movie "The Notebook" for me. Everyone loved it, I couldn't really see what the big deal was! I suppose we can agree to disagree....

Sarah said...

Hi, I just happened to stop by your blog and I have enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed reading the lists, they were quite entertaining. I use to wear Dr. Pepper chapstick all the time when I was kid and I still do sometimes. I am definitely going to follow your blog. I have a blog too feel free to check it out and follow my blog if you wish to do so!