Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monster Snowman

We woke up this morning to a snowman in our yard.  
Not any snowman, mind you. 

A GIANT 10 foot snowman.  

A giant 10 foot snowman that the local police stopped by to have their photos taken with. 
 When you drive towards our house, he greets you.....or maybe it's more like stalking.  
 The boys have been in snowman heaven.  They think we're famous. If having a ten foot snowman in our yard makes us famous, than I'm game.

I'll bet you're wondering how a giant ten foot snowman magically appeared in our yard overnight.  

It was the work of two snow elves.  
Two snow elves (one of them not being so elfish at all...he towers over us all, reaching close to 7 feet)

Two snow elves that happen to be employed as assistant coaches by Lonnie and live a few houses down. 

Apparently they were bored at 11:15 at night.  

A little birdie told me that one of them was nearly crushed in the process of getting the second ball in place.  
Never fear, no snow elves were injured.  
You can't help but smile when you look at this guy.  

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