Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

It's Tuesday. 

Truthful Tuesday. 

1. My son just came downstairs after being "asleep" for an hour, to inform me that his younger brother just called him a penis.  I tried to be a good mom but I couldn't help it....I snorted.  You would too.  

2. I'm writing a paper right now. I'm writing a paper that has structure and format unlike most of my blog posts.  I hate writing papers with structure and format.  

3.  There is a giant ten foot snowman in my front yard and every I think about it I smile.  I really needed that ten foot snowman.  

4. I went to my first Perspectives class last night.  It was amazing.  I have a feeling I will be ruined for the ordinary. I left feeling full. What a good feeling it was. 

5.  I have forced my husband (who hates leftovers) to eat leftover chili for two days.  He's filing for divorce soon. 

6.  I did squats today. I can't sit down. When I sit down...I can't get up again. 

7.  My husband did a double take today when I walked by.  Unfortunately it wasn't because he was taken aback by my amazing good looks, it was because he wanted to see what was blinding him.  My white legs. 

8.  I am very proud of the fact that I can fit all of my clothes in half of a small closet and a few drawers.  This could be why most of my clothes are insanely wrinkled.  

9.  My husband is making recruiting calls right now.  He changes his voice when he talks on the phone to recruits.  It's amusing.  It's amusing and really annoying.  I'm trying to write a structured paper here!!  

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