Thursday, January 13, 2011

The ultimate smoothie

I have an addiction. 
Besides coffee, rearranging furniture and good chocolate. 

It's smoothies. 
They fill you up and they're good for you.
Here is a recipe for my ultimate smoothie:
Frozen fruit (bananas, blueberries, cherries or strawberries) No sugar added
Greek, plain or soy yogurt (just make sure there is no high fructose corn syrup in it)
Plain (non-sweetened) almond milk
Additions: Flax seed, Pro biotic powder or protein powder (after a good workout!) 
If it's not sweet enough for you, add a little bit of honey or real sugar....little bit. 

Blend. Drink. Yum.

If you have extra left over, freeze it in Dixie cups for healthy pop-cicles! 

Other news on the home front: 
1. Today Brody drew his dad a picture and when I asked him what it was, he replied, "it's my poop."
Who says my kids aren't thoughtful. 

2. Today Baylor wanted to walk into school alone.  I thought this didn't happen until junior high? 

3. I received a package from Britain today and it had Yorkshire Tea in it. Holy cow those Brit's like their tea strong. 

4. It's 0 degrees today. Since I can't go outside, I've managed to rearrange furniture in two rooms.  Look out!!

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