Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alone again....naturally

I should be used to it.  

I should really be used to it. 

Not quite 8 years of marriage and almost every weekend from August through June I am missing a member of our family.  From long runs, recruiting trips and workouts to meets, late night calling and meetings.  It is getting better now that the boys are a little older, but it doesn't make it any easier.  The only way to make eating dinners without Lonnie and spending most weekends without him any better, is knowing that he is doing what he loves.  

He's pretty darn good at it too. 

I try not to complain or whine about this very often, if at all, because I know there are so many people who have it much worse.  Deployments and trainings for weeks or months or even years at a time, I have no right to whine.  Single mothers (or fathers)....deserve a medal of honor.  

I'm trying to turn this gloom into something joyful.  I get to spend quality time with the two most precious things in my life.  Precious and always naked.  Time with them is fleeting as they grow up so quickly.  

We may be without a daddy for the weekend, but we have each other and in the loving words of my mom "you make your own fun." 

So here we go. 



Andrea G. said...

I feel for you Keri and am praying! You have it right when you say time is limited with our young ones and to be thankful for the NOW we do have! Way to serve your family and your husband with thankfulness! Phillip is gone a lot of weekends. Always on Sundays and a lot of Saturdays for conferences, weddings, retreats, etc. It takes confidence that we are living in the Lord's will and doing one of His greatest tasks He has for us, and doing it well! It is hard most days, but the rewards are eternal and worth every minute of sacrifice. Remember, this life is but a moment in time! Fighting for joy and thankfulness with you!!! P.S You HAVE TO READ the book 1000 gifts! I am loaning mine to my mentee when I am done, but Rachel and Jill have copies too! YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

jamie said...

andrea- ha i was just going to post the same thing about the book :) love it!