Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Tag! You're it.  I was tagged in a post by the one and only mother of nine (yes, nine...she is a superhero!) and in order to participate in this lovely tagging, you have to write down five guilty pleasures.  So here goes.....

1. Real honest to goodness double shot with skim cappuccinos from Fuel (My favorite coffee shop) None of that gas station crap, give me the real deal.  I think they put something addictive in their espresso.  So good. Sometimes I scrape and dig change out of the couch cushions just so I can go have my $3.30 cup of pure bliss.

2.  Running.  I do it for fun. I do it so I don't get fat. I do it because I am super competitive. There, I said it. Nothing compares to that feeling you get after a good run. 

3. The Internet.  From Facebook to blogging to news to music videos.  I can't imagine life without this high speed goodness. I am an Internet junkie.

4. Books. I have found my love of reading again.  I have been known to check out five at a time because if I don't like one, I move on to the next.  Sometimes I get a panicked feeling when I finish a book and can't get to the library.  I love my library.  Reading allows me to forget about the day and dive into another world and time.  I love that. 

5. Music.  The soundtrack to my life.  I love all kinds of music and have been known to have radios on in different rooms....all at the same time.  I enjoy making music on my cornet. I enjoy singing (although the car and the shower are my only stages) It is so powerful and knows no boundaries and really speaks to me. 

So now I have to tag three people.....let's see......I'm going to go with Andrea G, Jill K and Megan G.

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Andrea G. said...

In regards to number 4, YOU HAVE TO READ 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I know I have said that and will continue to until you have read it. I truly think you will enjoy it and I know you will find it challenging in a GOOD WAY! Also, I will blog when I do not have a husband and a son with Influenza A. Only a few minutes to stop and read others blog not time to write my own :)