Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hold on tight

I always check on the boys before I go to bed at night.  I make sure the haven't lost their blankets, tuck them back in and give them a quick kiss on the cheek.  I also check for random items that travel with them to bed (paintbrushes, toys, flashlights, books, dogs, you name it) that need to be removed in order for them to have a more peaceful slumber.  Last night Brody was all curled up on top of a book, clutching it so tightly that I couldn't pry it from his little fingers.  His small hands were holding his bible and there was no question as to weather it was staying or going.  It was staying.

It wasn't going anywhere.

What do you hold on to tightly? Is it your beautiful dream home? A dream job? Time? Money? Beauty and perfection? As Christians we should really only be clinging to one thing with all of our might.  We should be clinging to the cross.  Clinging to the cross and letting everything else just slip right through our fingertips.  We are only on this earth for a short time and the thing you want to be left clinging to in the end is Jesus.  It really puts into perspective what we are living for.

It just starts with one person.  Don't let it stop with you.  Invest in someone.  Invest in your children.  Be intentional.

I've made it a goal of mine to be very intentional with my children.  I try to make every situation into a learning and growing experience for the both of us.  I want to take the time to invest in them now why they are still young and impressionable.  I want them to remember the time I took to share about Christ's love with them.  It doesn't stop with your children.  It could be the next door neighbor, a friend from work or a mother from playgroup.  If you think intentionally you are going to live intentionally.  See every opportunity as an opportunity to share Christ, show love and simply reach out to someone.

You might have to go out of your way.  You might have to go out of your comfort zone, but I guarantee that you will find joy when you do.  I have been convicted a few times by this blog and it's audience. At first it was a blog for my family to see the boys adventures and hear about their stories and it has turned into a daily journal for me.  Quite therapeutic and has sparked a love for writing that I never knew was there (the quality is to yet to be determined) I know that there are many different people who read this. Old friends, family, new friends, random friends of a friend and strangers.  If I could simply quit worrying about what people might think if they read about my faith, think of how many people I might be able to reach? They may not agree but I just want them to know how awesome it is that to have certainty, faith and joy.  Knowing have a spot reserved for me in heaven and I'm not a crazy church lady (once again, yet to be determined)

So I encourage you to let go of whatever you have been holding on to so tightly and selfishly. Let go and let God lead you to someone who really needs to hear about Him.

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Cheri said...

I am a complete stranger and I LOVE reading your blog. One of my friends sent me one of your posts a while back(it was a list about something regarding to being a mom)and I have read your blog ever since. I am a new mom and just recently started my own blog, so I appreciate your humour towards motherhood and everything else cause its a hard job and sometimes i feel a little lost! You can probably consider me a bit of a "stalker" - cause i follow your creative genious blog as well! I heart your art as well, and probably will be contacting you about a wedding gift for next year. haha. I'm harmless, I promise. It's funny I feel we have a lot in common and we are complete strangers! anyways..I love your blog. Thanks for keeping with it! and your boys are too cute! :)
Have a great day!