Monday, February 14, 2011

The holiday for suckers (and I'm not talking about the fruit flavored ones)

I used to look forward to this holiday.....when I was in fourth grade.  Getting to decorate those cute little Valentine boxes and hoping you would receive a card from the boy who sat next to you (actually I was just in it for the chocolate)  There was never any pressure to 1.Out purchase your lover, drowning them in awful stuffed animals or chocolate that will ultimately backfire on you when they gain five pounds.  2. Perform (I'll just leave it at that) or 3. Lay on the romance until your eye balls fall out.

Unfortunately, I can't blame it on the card companies because this ridiculous holiday was actually a church sanctioned event.  No joke.  Most of the history is unclear but it all started with a Saint and has blossomed into an overrated flower giving, love proclaiming make out fest.  You didn't know you have to make out on Valentine's Day? It's in there in the fine print....along with wearing uncomfortable lacy things, confessing your undying love in the form of a Hallmark card that took you 3.4 seconds to pick out and stressing out over which expensive fancy restaurant to eat at when we all know you'd like to skip to dessert....and by dessert, I mean your wife.  

I love my husband (every day) and he loves me (almost every day) so finding one specific day in which we get googly eyed over each other seems silly.  I have also married a wonderful man who is a wee bit romantically challenged.  He has many many talents, but laying on the romance isn't one of them.  So why make it painful for him?  When you've been married for over five years, romance automatically means emptying the garbage or doing the laundry....without being told.

Even though I have a bad attitude about this frivolous holiday, I've tried to make it fun for my kiddos.  We made a heart shaped cake and they decorated their Valentines.  I even let them eat chocolate for breakfast....which automatically enters me in the running for Mom of the Year (again)

I will step down from my soap box now and let you enjoy this wonderful holiday.....for suckers.

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