Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A little bit of snow.....little bit.

 ...or more like 14 inches of fluffy white stuff with five foot drifts all over the place! 
It snows 14 inches and what do my boys want to go do? Swing!!
 Ha. Take that. I win. 
 Baylor gave up.....the snow was so deep he could hardly walk.  
 Lonnie and I spent a good five hours outside snow blowing (thank you neighbors!) and shoveling the enormous drifts and piles.  I could stand on that mound of snow and hang from the tree.  It is crazy.
If I wasn't ready for spring before....I AM NOW!!!


Sarah said...

Hey I am just came across your blog through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook. You have a sweet family, looks like everyone had so much fun in the snow. We have had snow here too in southeastern Oklahoma, this past Tuesday it was only 10 degrees out, crazy! Anyway I am going to follow you on NetworkedBlogs, feel free to check out my blog too!

ShutteredDreams Photography said...

Great photos! That is alot of snow!!!