Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 The twins. Reading a new book (thank you Grandma Lila) that arrived in the mail on Valentine's Day.
 I finally got me some white paint (I was out....and it sucked)
 Brody "helping" me with the laundry.  He had to crawl all the way inside to get the laundry out and put it in the dryer.  We teach them young here in the Speidel house.  I'm off laundry duty as soon as they can sort colors and reach the start button.
 My favorite shoes. It's been nice this week and I was able to get outside to run. It was amazing.
 Did you know that if you cover your face no one can see you?
 The rose I got for Valentine's Day....from my son....all together now.....awe. 

 Boys love dog. Dog tolerates boys. 
 Drinking some hot cocoa after two hours outside!! Rosy cheeks included.
 My newest obsession. Tea and my red tea pot....or as Baylor calls it "the evil tea pot"

 This has pretty much been our last week.  Poor Brody man has had an awful cough and fever for a week.
 ...and this is how he felt. 
 Soaking up the sunshine with my paints, pen and paper.  Art therapy.
This lovely bumper sticker was on our Carolla....our one and only car.....the car that I drove around......me.....a lady....with an "I love my wife sticker" on the back.  Um, yea. It had to go.  The thought is still the same though.  

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