Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aquarium fun

 This child has NEVER slept in a motor vehicle for more than 30 minutes....he was so tired that he slept for two and and a half hours. A record in the Speidel house.  He snored so loud the entire bus could hear him.
 Look at these lovely purple blooming hanging flowers....I was told their name by a Georgian friend, but alas I have forgotten. I don't care, they're flowers and they're blooming.

 "Are these real, mom?"
 This is probably the highlight of this child's life thus far. He got to touch a sting ray, anemone, hammer head shark, starfish and horse shoe crab.....all in one day. He hasn't stopped talking about it. He has changed his ambition in life from Paleontologist to marine biologist.

I HIGHLY recommend that if you get a chance to see the Georgia Aquarium to do so. It was beautiful and the kids (my two plus a few college kids) had a blast.

On a positive side note: I am feeling a wee bit better. Antibiotics seem to be working, now all I could use is a good night sleep...whatever that is.

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Kim said...

That looks really cool. The flowers are wisteria. I was loving them in TX too.