Friday, March 25, 2011

Pay it forward: Atlanta style

Flowers, sunshine, warm temps and strep. The short one decided to share his germies with his mom just in time for our vacation. 

We begin our story at hotel in Atlanta Georgia, last night with 1. an air conditioning that sounded as if it was going to take flight in the middle of the night 2. A congested three year old who was trying to one up his father in the snoring department and 3. A tiny sore throat...tiny.

Enter stage right: Tiny sore throat turned raging strep.

I've had strep so many times I can tell I'm getting it days before and luckily worked out an agreement with our doctor that if I get it while on vacation, he would phone in a prescription for some antibiotics.  Which he did (and my tonsils thank you for that)

*Play sad and somewhat scary stage music here*

Since we're at the mercy of our charter bus driver (who is awesome, I might add) and 43 college track athletes who had to be at a meet this afternoon, I couldn't think of a more awesome time to get sick.


They dropped me off at a pharmacy hoping that this would be a short visit to pick up some much needed antibiotics.  (I was beginning to drool a little at the Georgia Aquarium this morning) since we all know modern medicine is amazing but definitely not speedy when you want it to be, I ended up being left to fend for myself. When I say fend for myself, I mean get back to the hotel in an hour. There are a few things you should know about me.....

1. I am a big wussy in large cities
2. I have never ridden in a taxi let alone called one.
3. I felt like death and just wanted to cry.
3.5 I'm from a small town in Iowa. Emphasis on small.
4. I am a big wussy.

*Enter extremely nice stranger to save the day*

She heard me say to my mom (yes, I call my mom when I'm being wussy) that I was a wee bit terrified to get a cab in a strange city and try to direct them back to our hotel. I know, I know...wussy!  Apparently strep makes you do strange things.

So this very kind lady, Britt, offered to take me (the sick strep stranger) back to my hotel.  I wanted to hug her but refrained.

Turns out that she is a children's book author and illustrator and has written a series called Stinkykids.  They're actually pretty cool and you should check out her website if you have time.  I know her act of kindness may have not seemed like much, but it was a big deal to me. This is only a small way to say thank you to her for giving me a ride.  

Someone paid it forward to me, now I get to have the pleasure of paying it forward to someone else! 

Hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon and we can resume vacation time!

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Andrea G. said...

Awesome aquarium! I want to go!!! I LOVED touching a sting ray at Sea World and still remember it to this day!! So glad you are feeling better and that a sweet woman rescued you the other day!!