Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truthful Tuesday: Things I stink at

I'm not one to point out other peoples flaws....well, at least not to their face....but I have no problem pin pointing my very long list of faults.  So I would like to take this opportunity to enlighten you on the things that I stink at.

1. Writing structured coherent papers with good sentence structure, punctuation and flow.  Sure, I can write a blog post like it's my job, but most of these posts have lack of structure, poor punctuation and they're all over the place.

Kind of like me.

All over the place.

(on a side note: never ask a significant other to proof read if you want to sleep in the same bed that night)

2. Folding laundry.  In fact, I don't really fold...I pile....but let me tell you, I am a fantastic piler (google auto-correct has informed me that piler is not a word......it is now)  My philosophy is that if it gets hung up it doesn't need to be folded.  There is also a certain male member of the household that is slightly anal about his clothes (i.e socks must be folded not rolled....found that out the first week of marriage Hangers must go in a certain direction) Dear Lord.

3. Updating resumes, cover letters and getting letters of recommendations.  I don't think my future employer will count a letter from my five year old son stating that his mom is good at Mac and Cheese, legos and reenacting certain Star Wars scenes.  I don't know about you but I'd hire and art teacher who can do a mean Yoda.

4. Giving up sugar.  I tried it for two days and after ten hours I wanted to hurt someone.  There is sugar in everything! I have however, limited my sugar intake to small amounts...mostly in chocolate.

5. Wanting to fit in.  I just like being me, okay? Okay. The older I get, the less I want to go with the flow.  I refuse to give in to conformity.  Maybe it's the artistic side of me....maybe not. Jesus still loves me.

6.  Letting others take the lead. A wee bit of a control problem perhaps.  Perhaps.

7. Snapping. Dude, I can't snap...don't judge.

8. Directions.  You say North. I look up.  I get lost in my hometown.

9. Massages (says my husband) It went something like this......"Hey honey, name something I stink at"
Husband: "Oh, you stink at massages!"

I got small hands and ADD....sorry.

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Lindsay said...

You can't snap?! Who can't snap?? :)