Friday, March 11, 2011

Vacation? Say, What?

The word VACATION hasn't been in the Speidel vocabulary for a long time.  For obvious reasons....birthing children, feeding children, taking care of children, finances after taking care of children......we haven't really taken an official family vacation yet. Feeding pigs and eating fried things on a stick does not count as a family vacation.  So in a few weeks the entire Speidel family....and 35 co-eds...what? Oh, that's right...I forgot to tell you that we're taking the entire Cornell team with us.  Actually they're letting us tag along for entertainment purposes. We'll be headed to Atlanta for a few days and then sunny and warm (it had better be sunny and warm!) Florida.  The team will be competing at a few meets and the boys, myself and the bus driver are hitting the beach, aquarium and zoo. You won't be able to miss us....we'll be the completely translucent family that looks really out of place.  

Avert your eyes!   

The boys are so excited they can hardly contain themselves.  Every morning they wake up and ask if today is the day we go to Florida.  In fact, Baylor has been researching (I'm not kidding) different species of animals native to Florida and Georgia.  He's also a little freaked out by all of the Tsunami talk, but we've managed to calm his fears for the most part.  I splurged and bought the boys two suitcases because well....since we don't travel....Wal-mart sacks were just not going to cut it.  They have been rolling them (and sleeping with them) all over the house.  Only a child of mine can get excited about a piece of luggage. 

Wait, there's more

After our 11 days stretch down south, we come home for a few weeks and then the boys and I take off for Arkansas.  (Insert banjo music here) My parents, my brother and sister-in-law, the boys and I are renting a cabin on a lake near the Ozarks.  We will fish till we turn blue.  I am stoked.  Unfortunately, my husband doesn't get to come with us because of his super busy track schedule.  Fortunately, he has volunteered to stay home and scrub the house down from top to bottom, do all of the laundry, wash all of the floors, clean up the yard and finish any uncompleted house projects....isn't that nice of him? That's what I thought. What a man.  We will miss him severely! 

So be prepared for hundreds of photos, stories and updates. 

I am now taking any tips on traveling with children....ready, set, go. 

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Kim said...

Yeah! So glad you guys get go on an adventure. Few tips we've learned...
-if there's any way to get a room that has a sitting room or even pocket doors to section off the one room it makes it way easier to put the kids to bed and not have to go to bed yourself before the sun goes down each night.
-those little kid snack cups that have lids on them are awesome in the car. We can put chicken nuggets and fries in them and when someone eventually drops their dinner it doesn't get all over the car.
-(we're going to try this out on our trip to TX soon) We're picking some of the most annoying things the kids do constantly during the trip (like Leeza dropping EVERYTHING and whining for it) and we're making a tally board to go on the dashboard. We're going to place bets on how many times she does it in a certain period and loser has to come up with a prize for the winner. Seems like it'll be more fun than getting upset with her.