Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High Five to me

Do you know what you can accomplish when all three boys are out of the house? Wednesday nights are my do everything as fast as you can before the boys get home nights.  They're at Awana and I get the house to myself.

This is when the magic happens.

 I rush around as fast as I can, trying to clean, organize, cook, put away and finish just about everything.

High five to me.

Here is what miracles occurred while home alone......(first push play....that is how I roll)

1. Washed and dried three loads of laundry
2. Inhaled my dinner through my left nostril (it's my nostril of choice)
3. Swept the entire downstairs (dog hair will be the death of me)
4. Folded and stored spare blankets and pillows
5. Cleaned out the junk basket by the door (seriously, where do we get all of this junk?)
6. Checked my email (5 times)
7. Finished someone's wedding invitations
8. Wrote this amazingly awesome blog post (I kid)
9. Collected trash and took it out to the curb (along with the recycling)
10. Ate 24 sour gummy worms
11. Mopped
12. Compared cell phone providers  (US Cellular vs. Verizon)
13. Packed my lunch for tomorrow
14. Programed the coffee maker to brew me some awesome coffee tomorrow morning at precicely 6:40 (I like even numbers)
15. Cleaned the kitchen
16.  Bubble wrapped and addressed two piece of artwork that are headed to Minnesota and Denver
17. Let the dogs in and out 15 times
18. Cleaned up the water bowl that I kicked letting the dogs out 15 times
19. Wished that the dogs could let themselves out
20. Set my clothes out for tomorrow as to try not to look like student
21. Picked up Thomas the Train, Bakugan and a rubber ducky that were trapped under the couch
22. Set out the boys clothes, bags and shoes for tomorrow

*side note: I really don't know how working (as in going to a job) mothers do it. I am just working two days this week, in fact I haven't even been there yet, and my brain is on overload.  You are my heroes.

23. Updated the Facebook art page (that can be seen here: )
24. Wished I wouldn't have eaten those sour gummy worms
25. Ran to Dollar General (Or DG as we locals call it)
26. Emailed Baylor's teacher
27. Finished the paperwork for subbing tomorrow
28. Decided that what I picked out to wear was not good enough (I have only jeans....this could be a problem)
29. Picked up all of the library books and put them in the library bag
30. I peed.
31. Wished I could find some dang chocolate in the house. This new diet is making me grumpy.

That is all.

I think.


Man, I'm tired.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Truthful Tuesday: Tell me why?

Aren't there some things in life you just want to know the answer to? Like for example, what exactly is in a hot dog and why my son is currently obsessed with eating them cold?

Gross, strange...yes, both.


Why does grape flavor taste nothing like actual grapes?

Why do my children insist on needing and doing everything after I put them to bed? Drink? Pee? Poop?
Book? Blankie? Toy? Light on?

Why does Brody go through five outfits in one day?

Why do we have eyebrows?

Why are there people who constantly burst your bubble or pick out everything that you have done wrong?

Why do my children find the words "poopie" and "boobie" insanely hilarious and that it's totally okay to shout them at random during dinner?

Why do we say we want to serve others but fail to do so?

Why does yahoo #1 call a bra a boobie wrapper?

Why are my children better behaved for everyone but me?

Why do my kids insist on eating what is on my plate even though it's exactly the same as what is on theirs?

Why is it okay for athletes to hit each other in the booty during a game but not appropriate in any other situation?

Why does going grocery shopping alone seem like a mini-vacation to mothers?

Why can shopping with children be compared with poking oneself in the eye ball with a stick? (thank you Kim for that analogy)

I guess some things in life we shall never know the answer to.

 I'm going to have a hot dog now (I kid)

Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good to be home

Our travels are over (for now!) We have returned from our trip to Arkansas.  Much fun was had by all, we got to see my bro and his wife (and got to find out that they were having a baby boy in September!) We also got to spend some quality time fishing, reading and just relaxing.  I'm not sure I will ever truly embrace that word....relax....until my children are married. 
The boys on their first fishing day. They caught a rock, a stick and each other's shirts.  Hooks and my boys do not get along.  
 Anyone see the move Dodgeball?  "I like.....Unicorns"
The cabin was wonderful yet strangely decorated.  Fish on the wall and a giant unicorn head on the t.v cabinet.  Odd.

 There was one day of 85 degree temps so we headed to the beach. The beach was deserted, apparently people don't swim in the south (or we were overly excited about warm temps) The water was a wee bit cold, but that didn't stop the boys.
 "Suns out....guns out" 

 Perched in my lounge the sun....with a book....and coffee.....fantastic.
 THIS ugly nasty stinky dead thing is an alligator gar.  I found it when I was kayaking around the lake....thankfully it was dead.  A little creepy.  Okay, a lot creepy.
 Today we headed to the farm for Easter.  Brody, is still working on his smile. It may take a while.

 There was lots of pony riding! 
The boys with their Great Grandma M.E. 
She is great indeed!
Had a blast but glad to be home!

I will be subbing at Lisbon school, super excited (and also a little nervous to be back in the classroom) Wish me luck! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who is that strange man?!

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the story I am about to tell you.  It does however have to do with my serious frustrations with our medical (and the dog!) shortcomings.  Of course since we leave for Arkansas on Saturday the tonsils in our house have begun to revolt again.  Strep has struck for the second time and I am ready to pull my hair out (or my tonsils....but that would be gross... never mind)  Baylor has it now and I'm sure it will make the rounds before we get out of Iowa.  There is only so much disinfecting I can do.  The second bottles are for poor Chloe. She has refused to move these past few days, yelping whenever I try to move her.  I finally took her in to the vet this morning to find out that she has what they call  Intervertabral Disc disease....or a bulging disc in her neck.  Obviously she was in a lot of pain and we've drugged her up significantly and hope for healing.  She's currently drooling on the couch, but at least she's comfortable!  So I'm leaving Lonnie for a week for three dogs (My parent's dog Waldo) and lots of medications for them. He may need to be the one that needs medicating after this week is over.

Now on to my story......

Let me fill you in on the details of our sleeping arrangements (most of the time) in this house.  Lonnie, my lovely most handsome and wonderful husband, also snores like a freight train.  He spends most of his nights on the couch (by his choice I might add!) and I get the bed to myself (I'm not gonna's fantastic) Now, I love my husband very much but we love each other enough to know that when we sleep next to each other someone wakes up really grumpy.  I am also a cover stealer.  So needless to say, the boys don't see Lonnie in our bed very often.

So this morning at 5:30am I hear Brody (through my ear plugs) yelling my name.  His latest fear is bugs in his bed, or anywhere for that matter.  He points to our bed and whimpers and I'm half asleep so I just grab him and throw him in bed in between Lonnie and I.  We don't like to encourage the kids to sleep with us, however we love snuggling once in a while.  Just as I start to dose off again I hear more whimpering coming from Brody.  He's pushed up so close to me that I can't move.

"Mooommmmm, I'm scared!"
"Scared of what? There's nothing to be scared of, go back to sleep"
"I'm scared of that man!"
"Man?! Huh? What man?"
"That strange man right there (pointing to Lonnie)"
"Uh, that's your dad."
"THAT strange your dad."

 True Story.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

$22.56 Ice cream cones

Three very expensive Ice cream cones in Downtown Disney (in the pouring rain): $22.56
One plastic sword and pirate hook: $5.29
One tube filled with miniature dinosaurs: $10.45
An evening watching smiles, giggles and laughs from the boys: Priceless. 

Friday, April 8, 2011


My heart rejoices in the Lord!
      The Lord has made me strong.
   Now I have an answer for my enemies;
      I rejoice because you rescued me.
1 Sam. 2:1

Missing you Papa Mike!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

annnnnnd we're back

 Enjoying the life of luxury (and of course in the buff) at our hotel in Atlanta. 
 Baylor thought this would make a nice collection to our house, I had to disagree. 
 Finally a smile after freaking out at the ocean because of the waves....he would inch closer and closer until finally we grabbed him and ran into the water.  We go for the shock and awe tactic. He loved the beach. 
 So did this guy.....
 ...and this one. 
 Saw a lot of butts.....

 and "GINORMOUS gators"
 Oh yes, at a T-Rex.  Dinosaur Quest at the Tampa Zoo.....very cool!
 Our first Taxi ride!! Yes, after realizing what a wussy I was, we had to take a taxi from the zoo to our hotel.  It wasn't that bad and now I can check it off my bucket list.
We even got to have a surprise visit from Grandma Lila when we stopped in Mt.Vernon, Illinois for our lunch break.

There are more photos coming.....they're just on Lonnie's camera.  Get excited.

Great to be home, except for the mounds of laundry that need to be folded......