Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good to be home

Our travels are over (for now!) We have returned from our trip to Arkansas.  Much fun was had by all, we got to see my bro and his wife (and got to find out that they were having a baby boy in September!) We also got to spend some quality time fishing, reading and just relaxing.  I'm not sure I will ever truly embrace that word....relax....until my children are married. 
The boys on their first fishing day. They caught a rock, a stick and each other's shirts.  Hooks and my boys do not get along.  
 Anyone see the move Dodgeball?  "I like.....Unicorns"
The cabin was wonderful yet strangely decorated.  Fish on the wall and a giant unicorn head on the t.v cabinet.  Odd.

 There was one day of 85 degree temps so we headed to the beach. The beach was deserted, apparently people don't swim in the south (or we were overly excited about warm temps) The water was a wee bit cold, but that didn't stop the boys.
 "Suns out....guns out" 

 Perched in my lounge the sun....with a book....and coffee.....fantastic.
 THIS ugly nasty stinky dead thing is an alligator gar.  I found it when I was kayaking around the lake....thankfully it was dead.  A little creepy.  Okay, a lot creepy.
 Today we headed to the farm for Easter.  Brody, is still working on his smile. It may take a while.

 There was lots of pony riding! 
The boys with their Great Grandma M.E. 
She is great indeed!
Had a blast but glad to be home!

I will be subbing at Lisbon school, super excited (and also a little nervous to be back in the classroom) Wish me luck! 

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