Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High Five to me

Do you know what you can accomplish when all three boys are out of the house? Wednesday nights are my do everything as fast as you can before the boys get home nights.  They're at Awana and I get the house to myself.

This is when the magic happens.

 I rush around as fast as I can, trying to clean, organize, cook, put away and finish just about everything.

High five to me.

Here is what miracles occurred while home alone......(first push play....that is how I roll)

1. Washed and dried three loads of laundry
2. Inhaled my dinner through my left nostril (it's my nostril of choice)
3. Swept the entire downstairs (dog hair will be the death of me)
4. Folded and stored spare blankets and pillows
5. Cleaned out the junk basket by the door (seriously, where do we get all of this junk?)
6. Checked my email (5 times)
7. Finished someone's wedding invitations
8. Wrote this amazingly awesome blog post (I kid)
9. Collected trash and took it out to the curb (along with the recycling)
10. Ate 24 sour gummy worms
11. Mopped
12. Compared cell phone providers  (US Cellular vs. Verizon)
13. Packed my lunch for tomorrow
14. Programed the coffee maker to brew me some awesome coffee tomorrow morning at precicely 6:40 (I like even numbers)
15. Cleaned the kitchen
16.  Bubble wrapped and addressed two piece of artwork that are headed to Minnesota and Denver
17. Let the dogs in and out 15 times
18. Cleaned up the water bowl that I kicked letting the dogs out 15 times
19. Wished that the dogs could let themselves out
20. Set my clothes out for tomorrow as to try not to look like student
21. Picked up Thomas the Train, Bakugan and a rubber ducky that were trapped under the couch
22. Set out the boys clothes, bags and shoes for tomorrow

*side note: I really don't know how working (as in going to a job) mothers do it. I am just working two days this week, in fact I haven't even been there yet, and my brain is on overload.  You are my heroes.

23. Updated the Facebook art page (that can be seen here: )
24. Wished I wouldn't have eaten those sour gummy worms
25. Ran to Dollar General (Or DG as we locals call it)
26. Emailed Baylor's teacher
27. Finished the paperwork for subbing tomorrow
28. Decided that what I picked out to wear was not good enough (I have only jeans....this could be a problem)
29. Picked up all of the library books and put them in the library bag
30. I peed.
31. Wished I could find some dang chocolate in the house. This new diet is making me grumpy.

That is all.

I think.


Man, I'm tired.