Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Truthful Tuesday: Tell me why?

Aren't there some things in life you just want to know the answer to? Like for example, what exactly is in a hot dog and why my son is currently obsessed with eating them cold?

Gross, strange...yes, both.


Why does grape flavor taste nothing like actual grapes?

Why do my children insist on needing and doing everything after I put them to bed? Drink? Pee? Poop?
Book? Blankie? Toy? Light on?

Why does Brody go through five outfits in one day?

Why do we have eyebrows?

Why are there people who constantly burst your bubble or pick out everything that you have done wrong?

Why do my children find the words "poopie" and "boobie" insanely hilarious and that it's totally okay to shout them at random during dinner?

Why do we say we want to serve others but fail to do so?

Why does yahoo #1 call a bra a boobie wrapper?

Why are my children better behaved for everyone but me?

Why do my kids insist on eating what is on my plate even though it's exactly the same as what is on theirs?

Why is it okay for athletes to hit each other in the booty during a game but not appropriate in any other situation?

Why does going grocery shopping alone seem like a mini-vacation to mothers?

Why can shopping with children be compared with poking oneself in the eye ball with a stick? (thank you Kim for that analogy)

I guess some things in life we shall never know the answer to.

 I'm going to have a hot dog now (I kid)

Happy Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Since I've been accused of being a know-it-all, AND it'll allow me to successfully procrastinate, I'm going to answer some of your questions. Here goes nothing...
Cold hot dogs are good. They're like bologna in tube form. If I knew what they were made of exactly, I probably wouldn't eat them anymore.
Grape Flavor IS a specific flavor that was never intended to taste like the fruit.
They bug for stuff after bed because kids are punks and they need to make sure they stay on top of controlling their parents' lives.
Brody is clearly a fashionista.
Eyebrows help keep all the New Mexico dust storms out of my eyes. Not sure what good they do in Iowa.
People who tell you your business are generally unhappy with their own.
Poopie and boobie ARE insanely hilarious. Your kids are simply perceptive to good comedy.
Laziness and complacency rule our world.
Because he's a creative genius, too, only his genius is lyrical where yours is painterly.
All kids are buttheads for their moms and good for non-parents.
If they're anything like me, they have a hard time deciding what to order, so they just order whatever and eat everyone else's food, too.
Atheletics are much more sexual than anyone wants to admit.
Non-mothers, too; I love solitary grocery shopping.
Because children are similar to wild monkeys?