Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sharing time

Life is about sharing right? We've learned it from a young age that you must share and it continues to follow us through life.  Because everyone wants to know just what you had for dinner (burgers on the grill)  what your favorite ice cream flavor is (chocolate truffle) and what political party you belong to (as noted before, I don't recommend talking politics on any social media site unless 1. You can spell correctly and use proper grammar 2. it's your job or 3.You have tons of friends and don't mind losing some, can't we all just get along?) I confess that I am an avid sharer, sometimes of more information that you care to hear  read.  It's not about you. It's about me.

I kid.

It's about my kids.

And sometimes me.

Maybe about my husband once in a while.

But mostly the kids.

I digress.

Here are some updates for all ya'll relatives....

The Baylor
Graduated from the AK program at Lisbon and will be starting a full day of Kindergarten in the fall *insert wail from mother here* I will miss having my little man home with me all day long! He is super excited about two things....THREE recesses and eating lunch at school (The aforementioned may change when he actually sees what they serve for lunch) He has made great friends and hopes to make some more.  He is reading short books and Lonnie and I can no longer spell things to each other like "Do you want some I-C-E C-R-E-A-M later?" Because he can figure it out.  Darn it.  I suppose he'll figure out how to tell time and actually realize that we put him to bed at 7 instead of 8.....we're so busted.  He LOVES anything dinosaur and animal related. He would spend hours looking at dictionaries and encyclopedias at the library.  He's a little sponge and soaks up everything and is actually excited to learn.  He still hates most vegetables but will eat a pint of blueberries in under three minutes.  His personality is really shining through and this kid wears his heart on his sleeve.

Brody Man
I think this short little ball of terror is smarter he lets on.  He would rather eat, dig in the dirt and wipe his boogies on my pants than learn his letters, colors and numbers.  I don't blame him, I like wiping boogies too.  He moves so quickly between one thing to the next he really isn't "in" to anything....except trouble.  If given a choice between a brand new huge super awesome toy and a package of M&M's, he would go for the chocolate. A man after my own heart.  He might be an actor when he grows up, because drama is his middle name.  He never stops moving. I'm serious. The kid makes me tired just watching him.  He gets his tonsils on on Friday (prayers will be accepted readily) and we're hoping that will help with the snoring/sleeping/hyperactivity issues we've been seeing.  He actually likes vegetables but would like them served with lots of cheese.

Things we're excited about this summer.....
Brett and Christina's wedding! Brody is the ring "bear" and Baylor is the Elijah bearer.  We're so excited to get to share this special day with them and Lonnie even gets to walk his little sister down the isle.

Baby Kolby Fire.  That's right. Brody named Kort and Bri's unborn baby boy (due in September) We're excited to add another boy cousin to the lineup of all males.

Possible weekend trip to Chicago or Columbus, Ohio.  Dinosaurs, tornado alley IMAX and zoos are on our agenda.

I have my husband home on the weekends...and with a new lawnmower! (not it!!) A few recruiting trips here and there but we get to see more dad and even eat dinner with him (a huge bonus) I really don't think people realize how much out of the office traveling and work that coaches put in.  I'm so proud of my husband who works so very hard.

Having fun as a family. We love each stage of our children's lives, but as they grow older were finding it so much more fun to do things with them.  We had game night tonight and we ride bikes and take walks together.  No more arranging life around naps.  LOVE it.

I apologize for the short novel I wrote. I like sharing, what can I say.

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