Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Truthful Tuesday:Bald is beautiful

Truth: It annoys me that you smile like a gremlin when I say smile pretty. Gremlin smile is not a pretty smile. Even though you are one cute kid.
 Truth: Grabbing your brother by the lip doesn't help him smile any prettier.
 Truth: Even though I just had my tonsils removed and am pumped full of fun drugs, I am cute.
 See, really cute. 
 Yup, getting cuter by the minute.
 Um, wait. No. What the?
 Truth: When you ask me if you have huge muscles, I will lie and tell you yes...you have HUGE muscles.
(even though your arms are the size of pipe cleaners)
Truth: Even when I've had a crappy week, when you look at me like that.....yes, that...it makes me smile.

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