Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update on tonsil man

Or should we say tonsil-no-more man?

This weekend we are thankful for popcicles, gatorade, steam cleaners, ice cream and Tylenol with codeine.  The surgery went well, the Dr said his tonsils were huge and says he'll be sleeping soundly as soon as the healing is complete.  We had one minor puke incident and one major one....both in the car.  Thank goodness for friends with steam cleaners!

The recovery has been a bit rough for both parties involved, but we're hanging in there and slowly making a recovery.  Brody, in typical Brody fashion, has refused to rest and has been all over the place.  He even ate a bowl of Mac and Cheese on the night of the surgery.  He passed up popcicles for mac and cheese and asked for a cookie for breakfast. Fabulous.  His voice is soft and he occasionally has drool running down his lips because it hurts to swallow, but he doesn't let that stop him.  I don't let a little drool stop me either, son.

Two surgeries and he's not even four.  This kid has been through enough anesthesia, I think we're good now.

Baylor is using his "Brody gets ice cream and Gatorade, why don't I?" card quite frequently. He could use a little meat on his bones anyways.

I have to say it's been quite fabulous having my husband home for the days he took off from work.  He helped around the house, played with the boys and stepped up the husband act quite a bit.  What can I say, I married a sweet man.

I'm ready for a healthy family and ready to hit the summer activities, but right now I'll just settle for a nap or a full night sleep.

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