Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The closet fortress

 After doing some major summer cleaning (a great excuse to stay inside in the air conditioning when it's uber humid outside) I turned our coat and storage closet into a "fortress" for the boys.  They felt the need to share this information (that they were sleeping in a closet) with the check out lady.  She gave me a concerned look until I explained that it was a fort and not something that required DHS.  They've been in this fortress for two hours and there has been no sleeping.  My money is on Baylor for getting annoyed that Brody has his elbow in his face and heads upstairs to his bed.

8:14 am 
Baylor pours himself and his little brother a bowl, excuse me, a HUGE bowl of cheerios for breakfast. Props on getting breakfast for yourself little man. Maybe next time try not to use the entire box of Cheerios and half the milk, mmmkay? 
8:15 am
Entire bowl of cheerios and milk end up on the lovely (NOT) kitchen floor. 
Okay, so at least he tried. 

Chloe is revolting.  She is angry because I got rid of her crate (which she seldom slept in) to make more space for my windows in the mudroom.  I'm going to get them a nice comfy dog bed, but in the meantime she has found her new place to chilax. Nothing like dog butt on the place you eat you food. Good think I like you Chloe.

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