Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My sweet Baylor

My sweet Baylor, you are turning SIX, tomorrow!!  Seriously, where did the time go?  You were two weeks late and after 24 hours of labor, I was more than excited to finally meet you.  You have certainly changed our lives for the better.   

I should probably start out by apologizing to you since you happen to be the first born.  I didn't have a clue (and still sometimes don't) how to make you stop crying or pooping.  I was a neurotic germ freak nap nazi, and now I just laugh when you eat something that has been on the floor. You hated sleep from the beginning and still do.  You have such a tender heart and you wear your heart on your sleeve.  You are going to be a fine leader someday!  I love the fact that you still miss me at school and you want hugs and kisses before bedtime....please don't give that up!  You have brought such joy into our family and have been a blessing from the beginning.  We can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!

Here are some things you like right now: 

You love to play with: Dinosaurs (I'm fairly certain we have checked out every dinosaur book from every library in town) Animals/science/hunting (anything that involves the great outdoors) 
Your best friend is: Bronson
You hate: Vegetables (but this is nothing new) sleeping without the fish light on and playing with Brody.
Favorite color: Red
Favorite foods: Mac and Cheese, cheese pizza, fruit, ice cream
You love to: watch Dinosaur videos on YouTube, create elaborate dinosaur scenes outside, just chill by yourself.
Favorite place to eat: Red Robin
Favorite book: Anything with a dinosaur in it

Happy birthday to my sweet Baylor!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blame it on the cat.....

Ah yes, the look of innocence.  The look of an angel saying, "who me?"

 Looks can be deceiving.

Sweet boy, yes. Sneaky boy? HECK YES.

Let's begin our story this morning, quite early in fact.  The sun was just above the horizon and the sounds of the day were just beginning.  It was about 6:15am when Lonnie got up to leave for early cross country practice. I heard the screen door slam and then a car door slam so I knew he was gone.  A few minutes later I heard the screen door slam again, but thinking it was just Lonnie coming back because he forgot something, I drifted back to sleep.  Around 6:30 I thought I was dreaming and heard yet another subtle door slam so I decided to check it out.  I peeked into the boys room and slowly shut their door because I didn't want to wake them.  Little did I know one of them was already causing a ruckus.

So my dear husband sleeps on the couch (a lot) because of his snoring (we still love each other, I promise, it's better this way) and so there are usually two pillows and a blanket on the couch.  When I went downstairs there was no bedding on the couch.  Finding this really odd, I texted Lonnie to ask where his pillows went and his reply was "they were there when I left."  What? We have a pillow thief? Who steals pillows at six in the morning?! I walked through the house and happen to peek out the front door only to see a trail of....


What the heck.

Let me back up for a second and explain our situation.  The cat situation.  The boys have discovered a stray cat whom they call Sewer Cat (and I call things I can't write out loud) and have been begging to keep this feline.  I have to admit, she's really cute and she's very friendly but she's a cat.  A stinky cat. A stinky cat in which my dogs FREAK OUT if she is within eye shot.  Not a good combination.  Anyways, the boys have been loving on this cat, so the cat thinks it has found a new home. It is indeed mistaken.

Back to the story.

So I go outside to retrieve the half clothed, wrapped in a blanket child sitting ON THE CURB OF THE STREET.  Then I go receive my MOM OF THE YEAR award.  Someone even called the local police to report him! As amusing as the story is, I am just glad he is safe. I don't even want to think of what could have happened.

Now I am investigating door locks, alarms and cages (just kidding)

We're still not getting the cat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brody vs. Preschool.....and the pavement

 Today was Brody man's first day of four year old preschool.  He was FINALLY excited when we arrived at school. Heading up to the day, he was set on staying home with mom.
 Safety first. Got to check for sticks, stones and cheese sticks. Brody assumed the pat down position.
 Hanging up his backpack in his cubby.  
 Giving Daddy a goodbye kiss. 
 ....aaaaand then we came home and he had a run in with the pavement.  The pavement won.
I had a visitor during dinner tonight. She thought she could snag some grilled salmon. All she got was her photo taken.

Friday, August 19, 2011

All I really need know I learned in Kindergarten.....

1. Kid friendly scissors are kid friendly, but they are NOT hair friendly.

2. Not everyone will be your friend but you have to try. 

3. Recess is awesome.

4. That little compartment on top of your lunch box, yea...that one...it opens and there is more food inside. (your mom didn't just pack you a sandwich for lunch)

5. Rubbing your head on the carpet the day before school will get you a lot of sympathy at school (but not with your mom)

5.5 It's not a good idea to get your lunchbox at Wal-mart along with every other kid at your school. There's a good possibility you might not end up with yours as the end of the day.

6. You will miss your mom and brother and dad even though you said you wouldn't.

7. Did I mention recess?

8. Little notes inside your lunch box make a big difference, even if you can't quite read all the words yet.

9. Teachers are your friends but they are also your teachers.

10. God gave you one mouth and two ears for a reason (this also applies at home) 

11. It's okay to run and hug your mom after school until you're 18 (unless you play linebacker on the football team)

11.5 You don't know everything and you do need to go to school.  

12. Kindergarten is going to be okay. Rough, but okay. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And so it begins.....

 And so it begins.......KINDERGARTEN.  As you can tell by this photo, he is clearly excited for his first full day of school.  No, really. He was very excited. His mother, now that is another story.
 Oh, I can't believe that this day is here. The summer flew by so fast that I was still recovering from the last week of school and here we are at the first! Baylor started all-day Kindergarten yesterday.  We chose to send him to AK (alternative Kindergarten) last year since he was a summer birthday and a boy. I highly recommend....encourage....want to make it a law...that parents of kids with spring/summer birthdays do! He is now ready for a full day of learning, what a difference a year makes!
 My sweet almost six year old boy with a great sense of humor will be in a class of 19 and has the best teacher. We are so blessed to know, love and support Baylor's new Kindergarten teacher this year. I have a peace knowing that he is in good hands all day long.

 I asked Baylor a few questions before he departed:

What are you looking forward most to this year? THREE recesses, mom! THREE! And lunch. (good to know he's got his priorities right)

What do you think your favorite class will be? Art. I liked the art room. (yes!)

Who are you going to play with at recess? Bronson of course. He's my best friend.

Although we had a lot of tears after school and before school this morning (hello over stimulation and new things overload!) , I think it will be a great year.  He told me how much he missed me and had a huge smile on his face once we got to school.

In case you're wondering who attacked Baylor's forehead, that would be the carpet.  The night before school, Baylor thought it would be cool to rub his forehead on the carpet.  It was in fact, not cool at all.  Now he has this huge rug burn just in time for his first day of school photos.

His little brother and his mother miss him dearly, the house is so quiet! I am getting to spend some quality time with Brody and have seen him grow already in the two days that Baylor has been gone.  Brody starts preschool Wednesday! I'm on an emotional overload this week.  My babies are growing up!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boys with big toys

Guess what the boys got to do this weekend with Dad?  

Monday, August 8, 2011


On August 9th 2003, I got the pleasure of marrying my best friend.  Eight years and two children later, he's still the love of my life and still manages to make me laugh, cry and occasionally shoot milk out of my nose.  Like any good marriage, we've been through rough patches and smooth waters and what they say is true, if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger.  Eight years is nothing compared with the 50 more I plan on spending with this man.
 First of all, you have to be a very special person to live with me....to love me.  I'm not the easiest person to live with (or so I've been told)  Stubborn, hard headed, rebellious and wild are just a few adjectives that have been uttered from the mouth of certain relatives whom shall remain nameless.  I have a temper and I like to leave glasses all over the house.  Sometimes I say naughty words (I'm working on it!) and sometimes I stretch the truth.  I'm far from perfect.
 He still loves me.  He still wants to be married to me.  He still loves my less than perfect and slightly stretch marked belly.  He loves that I love my short hair.  He loves God more than he loves me. He loves the two wild and crazy little boys that we are raising together.
 He also laughs with me (but mostly at me) 
 It wasn't by chance or luck that I happen to stumble upon the relationship that ended in a life long covenant. 
 We have been blessed with a wonderful, healthy and sometimes crazy family.  
I married a man who works hard to support his family, who gets down and dirty with his kids at the end of a long day and still manages to help me with the dishes after dinner.  He's strong and quiet (don't worry, I make up for that part) and he is becoming a wise man of God.

When I had a wedding shower, a good friend of mine gave me a shirt that said "cheerleader" on it.  I was rather confused until she explained that I needed to be my husband's cheerleader. We were going to be a team.  Now Lonnie knows a lot about being on a team, coaching a team and leading a team.  We've learned a lot about teamwork in the past eight years and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather do it with.

I am so thankful that my husband can love me for who I am, help me become a better wife and mother and kick me in the rear (which I tend to need quite frequently)  He lets me pursue my passions of art and music and never hardly ever complains about what's for dinner.  Did I mention how amazingly handsome he is too?

I am a lucky girl.

Happy anniversary to the man of my dreams.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"I'll miss being three"

 Dearest Brody,

You turned four yesterday (yes, yesterday....sorry, I'm a little behind) We woke you up with balloons in your bed and a crown for the birthday boy.  You asked me repeatedly how old you were today and then with a sigh said, "Man, I'm going to miss being three."  Apparently, three was a good year for you.  We took you to the zoo and all you wanted to do was ride the train.

I can't believe four years have flown by already. Where has the time gone....wait, I remember......

 You've spent most of it covered in strange substances like chocolate pudding, olive oil, paint, applesauce and Vix Vapo-Rub (to name a few)  You always seem to find the mess if it's anywhere in your vicinity.
 Your wit and charm and temper have really shown through.  You can smile your way out of any sort of punishment...speaking of charm, you're not dating until you're thirty.
 You love your big brother (sometimes) and if it can be destroyed (or held upside down and backwards) you will do it.  Some of your favorite things to do with Baylor are play pirates, boxing or hide and seek.  He picks on you sometimes, but give it a few years and you'll be pounding the crap out of him.
 You love to eat (dog food included) and would much rather have food than any sort of material goods.  We have high hopes for you as a football player or sumo wrestler.
 Some of your favorite toys include things that aren't really toys at all.  You still love trains, tractors and construction equipment.  You love to draw (yes!) and spend one on one time with each parent.  You are so excited about life, lets keep it that way.   
 When you were born, we had to hide you from your brother.  He wanted to poke your eyes out and pick your nose.  In fact, I think he still does sometimes.  You are cute now, but when you came out we wanted to call you George because you resembled that cute little hairy monkey you watch on t.v.

 You have brought so much joy, laughter and tears to our family.  You've had two surgeries already, lets hope they will be your last.  I've got poison control on speed dial.
 You're growing up so fast and maturing into a bright little boy.
 You've always been a hard worker and when you don't get what you want....well, watch out world.
 We can't imagine life without you and you have made us stronger as a family.  We love you so very much and can't wait to spend more birthdays together with you.