Friday, August 19, 2011

All I really need know I learned in Kindergarten.....

1. Kid friendly scissors are kid friendly, but they are NOT hair friendly.

2. Not everyone will be your friend but you have to try. 

3. Recess is awesome.

4. That little compartment on top of your lunch box, yea...that opens and there is more food inside. (your mom didn't just pack you a sandwich for lunch)

5. Rubbing your head on the carpet the day before school will get you a lot of sympathy at school (but not with your mom)

5.5 It's not a good idea to get your lunchbox at Wal-mart along with every other kid at your school. There's a good possibility you might not end up with yours as the end of the day.

6. You will miss your mom and brother and dad even though you said you wouldn't.

7. Did I mention recess?

8. Little notes inside your lunch box make a big difference, even if you can't quite read all the words yet.

9. Teachers are your friends but they are also your teachers.

10. God gave you one mouth and two ears for a reason (this also applies at home) 

11. It's okay to run and hug your mom after school until you're 18 (unless you play linebacker on the football team)

11.5 You don't know everything and you do need to go to school.  

12. Kindergarten is going to be okay. Rough, but okay. 

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Stacy K. said...

#11 made me laugh! I have to set myself before Tru runs to hug me or he'll knock me over. :) (oh, and #4? I did pretty much pack Teague just a sandwich. He wanted to bring his lunch and I need to get to the store so he got whatever we could scrounge up from the pantry). I'm happy to hear that it seems to be going well for Baylor.