Thursday, August 18, 2011

And so it begins.....

 And so it begins.......KINDERGARTEN.  As you can tell by this photo, he is clearly excited for his first full day of school.  No, really. He was very excited. His mother, now that is another story.
 Oh, I can't believe that this day is here. The summer flew by so fast that I was still recovering from the last week of school and here we are at the first! Baylor started all-day Kindergarten yesterday.  We chose to send him to AK (alternative Kindergarten) last year since he was a summer birthday and a boy. I highly recommend....encourage....want to make it a law...that parents of kids with spring/summer birthdays do! He is now ready for a full day of learning, what a difference a year makes!
 My sweet almost six year old boy with a great sense of humor will be in a class of 19 and has the best teacher. We are so blessed to know, love and support Baylor's new Kindergarten teacher this year. I have a peace knowing that he is in good hands all day long.

 I asked Baylor a few questions before he departed:

What are you looking forward most to this year? THREE recesses, mom! THREE! And lunch. (good to know he's got his priorities right)

What do you think your favorite class will be? Art. I liked the art room. (yes!)

Who are you going to play with at recess? Bronson of course. He's my best friend.

Although we had a lot of tears after school and before school this morning (hello over stimulation and new things overload!) , I think it will be a great year.  He told me how much he missed me and had a huge smile on his face once we got to school.

In case you're wondering who attacked Baylor's forehead, that would be the carpet.  The night before school, Baylor thought it would be cool to rub his forehead on the carpet.  It was in fact, not cool at all.  Now he has this huge rug burn just in time for his first day of school photos.

His little brother and his mother miss him dearly, the house is so quiet! I am getting to spend some quality time with Brody and have seen him grow already in the two days that Baylor has been gone.  Brody starts preschool Wednesday! I'm on an emotional overload this week.  My babies are growing up!


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