Thursday, August 4, 2011

"I'll miss being three"

 Dearest Brody,

You turned four yesterday (yes, yesterday....sorry, I'm a little behind) We woke you up with balloons in your bed and a crown for the birthday boy.  You asked me repeatedly how old you were today and then with a sigh said, "Man, I'm going to miss being three."  Apparently, three was a good year for you.  We took you to the zoo and all you wanted to do was ride the train.

I can't believe four years have flown by already. Where has the time gone....wait, I remember......

 You've spent most of it covered in strange substances like chocolate pudding, olive oil, paint, applesauce and Vix Vapo-Rub (to name a few)  You always seem to find the mess if it's anywhere in your vicinity.
 Your wit and charm and temper have really shown through.  You can smile your way out of any sort of punishment...speaking of charm, you're not dating until you're thirty.
 You love your big brother (sometimes) and if it can be destroyed (or held upside down and backwards) you will do it.  Some of your favorite things to do with Baylor are play pirates, boxing or hide and seek.  He picks on you sometimes, but give it a few years and you'll be pounding the crap out of him.
 You love to eat (dog food included) and would much rather have food than any sort of material goods.  We have high hopes for you as a football player or sumo wrestler.
 Some of your favorite toys include things that aren't really toys at all.  You still love trains, tractors and construction equipment.  You love to draw (yes!) and spend one on one time with each parent.  You are so excited about life, lets keep it that way.   
 When you were born, we had to hide you from your brother.  He wanted to poke your eyes out and pick your nose.  In fact, I think he still does sometimes.  You are cute now, but when you came out we wanted to call you George because you resembled that cute little hairy monkey you watch on t.v.

 You have brought so much joy, laughter and tears to our family.  You've had two surgeries already, lets hope they will be your last.  I've got poison control on speed dial.
 You're growing up so fast and maturing into a bright little boy.
 You've always been a hard worker and when you don't get what you want....well, watch out world.
 We can't imagine life without you and you have made us stronger as a family.  We love you so very much and can't wait to spend more birthdays together with you.


Keely A. Fox said...

Honestly...this made me choke up a little. Seeing all your posts here and on Facebook. Make me feel like I've been there with ya watching them both grow up. You have a wonderful and beautiful family.

Andrea G. said...

Oh so sweet! I can't believe how much more he is looking like Baylor, as he is getting older! said...

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