Monday, August 8, 2011


On August 9th 2003, I got the pleasure of marrying my best friend.  Eight years and two children later, he's still the love of my life and still manages to make me laugh, cry and occasionally shoot milk out of my nose.  Like any good marriage, we've been through rough patches and smooth waters and what they say is true, if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger.  Eight years is nothing compared with the 50 more I plan on spending with this man.
 First of all, you have to be a very special person to live with love me.  I'm not the easiest person to live with (or so I've been told)  Stubborn, hard headed, rebellious and wild are just a few adjectives that have been uttered from the mouth of certain relatives whom shall remain nameless.  I have a temper and I like to leave glasses all over the house.  Sometimes I say naughty words (I'm working on it!) and sometimes I stretch the truth.  I'm far from perfect.
 He still loves me.  He still wants to be married to me.  He still loves my less than perfect and slightly stretch marked belly.  He loves that I love my short hair.  He loves God more than he loves me. He loves the two wild and crazy little boys that we are raising together.
 He also laughs with me (but mostly at me) 
 It wasn't by chance or luck that I happen to stumble upon the relationship that ended in a life long covenant. 
 We have been blessed with a wonderful, healthy and sometimes crazy family.  
I married a man who works hard to support his family, who gets down and dirty with his kids at the end of a long day and still manages to help me with the dishes after dinner.  He's strong and quiet (don't worry, I make up for that part) and he is becoming a wise man of God.

When I had a wedding shower, a good friend of mine gave me a shirt that said "cheerleader" on it.  I was rather confused until she explained that I needed to be my husband's cheerleader. We were going to be a team.  Now Lonnie knows a lot about being on a team, coaching a team and leading a team.  We've learned a lot about teamwork in the past eight years and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather do it with.

I am so thankful that my husband can love me for who I am, help me become a better wife and mother and kick me in the rear (which I tend to need quite frequently)  He lets me pursue my passions of art and music and never hardly ever complains about what's for dinner.  Did I mention how amazingly handsome he is too?

I am a lucky girl.

Happy anniversary to the man of my dreams.

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