Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have you seen my camera? The aftermath of a six year old with a camera

 Hey, it's me Baylor.  I found my mother's camera laying on the kitchen counter and took the liberty of shooting a few photos.  
 This first shot is my shark.  It's my good luck shark.  I lost it yesterday and church and I had a wee bit of a meltdown at bedtime.  I only have 324 more sharks.  You can never have too many sharks.
 You can have too many little brothers though.  He's so weird. He does laugh at everything I do though, so that's bonus points.
 So weird.  He smells funny too.
 That is my mom. She is working hard at her computer (or at least she says she is) There is always artwork all over the kitchen table and paint on the floor. Gosh, now that I think about it, she really is a messy painter.
 Yep, that's my pee.  I couldn't resist. 
 I told my mom I took a picture of Macey's penis.  She informed me that Macey is a girl and doesn't have a penis.  So I took a photo of her boob instead.
 Our front room....
 My beautiful artwork.
 Squash bake.  Mom tried disguising squash so we would it eat.  Fail. 

 My very favorite picture of Brody and I.  Just the way I like him. Quiet.
 I'll let the beauty of these next photos speak for themselves....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life with boys

I would't trade my life with these two little boys for anything.  The dirt, noise and ninja warriors along with penis stories over the dinner hour.  I love it.  Not so much the penis stories, but they come with the territory as I am convinced every little boy is fascinated by their little man parts.  I don't think I could handle having a little girl. Don't get me wrong, I love them...the sweet, innocent and dramatic little things.  I am one myself.  

A girl, not dramatic....okay, maybe sometimes a little dramatic.  

God knew my heart and knew exactly what I could handle.  

TWO little boys.  

This little boy, who has grown an inch since school started and clearly loves having his photo taken. Apparently the tree was much more exciting than anything I had pointed at his face.

It took bribery, counting and the "angry mom" voice to get him to turn around.  Geesh, he looks like his legs might break in two potatoes on the end of two toothpicks.  I wish I still had those chicken legs.  He had his first soccer game Tuesday and scored the first goal!  I got to overhear a few parents commenting on how fast he was.  I couldn't be prouder.

Life with Baylor is such a joy with a side of crazy.  The kid hates sleep and always will. I will look forward to the day I have to wake this child up.  It doesn't matter how late he goes to bed, he is up and staring at me at 6:30 on the dot.  He is so smart (or at least we think so) and loves anything dinosaur related.  We are constantly being corrected on our dinosaur lingo.  He loves playing by himself and will take an old suitcase full of dinos outside and disappear for hours. His imagination and creativity already amaze me.  He likes to laugh with his brother and inappropriate things at inappropriate times.  The words fart, poop, underpants and penis are among his favorite gut busters.  These words usually come out during meal times.  He also has such a sweet heart.  He wants to marry me and is still confused as to why he has to live at college (Why can't I just live at home?)  He asks deep theological questions at approximately the time he needs to be sleeping.
And then there's this dude.  Flava Flav.  The destroyer. Brody man.  Crazy pants. Who only operates in hyper speed.  From the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed the kid sometimes resembles a squirrel on speed.  Not that I've ever witnessed a squirrel on speed, but you get my point.  If there is a mess to be made or something that needs to be destroyed, than Brody is your man.  He is learning so much already this year and tries so hard to keep up with big brother.  The tantrums have been significantly decreased but not eliminated. Is that humanly possible?

Like his brother, his favorite words include underpants, poopie and penis (which sometimes he occasionally strums like an air guitar) He has the most infectious laugh, deep and from the belly.  He really isn't interested in one specific thing, but enjoys running and playing and being a boy.  He makes us laugh every day.

I am so blessed to be able to parent, mother and just spend time with these fabulous boys.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  The good, the bad and the poopie.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Photos

  Baylor is learning all sorts of new things in school.....
 What? You've never seen a monkey pouring orange juice before? This isn't uncommon at our house. Monkey costumes that is.
 Did you know that mason jars fit in most blenders? Now you don't have to dirty two things. This is my spinach lunch smoothie.  1 Cup spinach leaves, almond milk (unsweetened) Greek yogurt (unsweetened) frozen strawberries and frozen banana.  You can't taste the spinach...just the way I like it.  It's the only way I can get myself to eat it regularly.

 I'm loving spending quality time with Brody in the morning.  He acts completely different when he is by himself.  I love it.  We made cookies this morning and as you can tell by his joyful expression, he's thrilled to get the beaters all to himself.
 Chloe was helping him clean up afterwards.  
I found these in the wash machine trap.  Someone in this family is getting a little too close to nature.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well hello there, do I know you?

This sweet boy had a pajama party at preschool last week.  It was 90 degrees and he chose his winter pj's.....but he sure had fun!

I realize it's been a while since I've posted, many apologies! I didn't realize that having three hours to myself in the afternoon would make my life more hectic! Here is what we have been up to since school started....

* Playing soccer
* Finally settling into the Kindergarten groove
* Making new friends and hanging out with old ones
* Upgrading his dinosaur collection and setting up elaborate scenes everyday after school
* Checking YouTube for new and exciting nature videos
* Growing up so fast.....I swear he grew another inch since school started

* Loving preschool
* Meeting new friends
* Eating....and eating....and then eating some more
* Growing up and doing new things all by himself
* Anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new cousin Colby (any hour now!)
* Writing his name and learning his colors (I think this kid may be colorblind.....)
* Causing mass destruction wherever he goes (the preschool teachers say he's an angel.....why not at home?)

*Working hard at work (as always) Cross country season is in full swing
* Cross country meets on the weekends
* Helping organize some men's events at church
* Rediscovering his love of reading....three books in the last two weeks! Way to go babe!
* Taking time every night to spend quality time with his little boys.
* Still trying to figure out how to load the dishwasher.....a skill that hasn't come easy
* Doing a vigorous lifting program...I don't mean to brag, but my husband's pecs are awesome.

* Coaching soccer (or as I like to call it, herding cats)
* Making tons of artwork during my "free" time
* Helping the boys with school work and projects and reading and coloring and.......
* Serving on our women's ministry team at church (and loving it) It's great to feel needed!
* Doing BSF (bible study fellowship) again this year.  We're studying Acts, it's going to be great!
* Shuttling kids to and from school
* Serving on our local arts council and getting ready for the Lincoln Highway Arts Fest (Sept 24th) You should go!
* Finishing three books....all at the same time
* Trying to get back to running again after being laid up with a hip injury this summer
* Just trying to keep up with the housework....clothes, dishes, food, laundry....repeat

Deep breath.  Whew!  Makes my head spin just thinking about it.
Thanks for putting up with my absence.  I shall return!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor of Love

 The boys are "excavating" their dinosaur bones.  Thanks to Aunt Bri and Uncle Kort for the awesome birthday gift! You guys rock, and we can't wait to spoil that baby (as soon as he makes an appearance!)
 We spent the greater part of the day at Lake MacBride kayaking and fishing and finding all sorts of animals.

 BUT first, we ate ice cream. 

 Grandma thinks if she flaps her arms fast enough, she'll move faster.......
 Turtle party. 

 That's not a minnow on the end, that's actually the fish he caught.  Serious.
...and then Baylor landed this lunker.

All I caught was a dragonfly that was trying to mate with my lure.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Joy, excitement and the infamous question....

Oh, how I wish I could have this much joy! Obviously grandma and grandpa picked a winner this year with their gift to Baylor for his sixth birthday.  He's a wee bit overjoyed.

Just listen to his excitement......

....and then listen to what my husband says a the end.

(why am I not surprised?)