Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom....also known as the fun hater

While I was away this weekend in Chicago for a brass band competition, upon return I was quickly informed that, "Dad let us do fun things!" 

Here are some things that the boys did while I was away....I interviewed them at dinner.  

Me: Baylor, what did you and Dad do while I was gone? 
Baylor: We went to Puss and Boots in the big movie theater AND we ate at McDonald's AND Dad let us play in the play place (insert groans from mom here) 
Me: What else did you do? 
Baylor: We stayed up late....oh yea, really late.  We also played the Wii all day long.  
Me: Hmmmmm Did you brush your teeth and wash your hands? 
Baylor: I can't remember
Me: Should I go away more often? 
Baylor: No....can we make my Christmas list now? 

Me: Brody, what did you do while I was gone? 
Brody: Ummm, I took pictures and played with these bungee thingies. We went to Kirtley's game (our babysitter) We saw our friends and heard poop talk. 
Me: Poop talk? What did you eat for food? 
Brody: Waffles! 
Me: And?
Brody: Waffles! 
Me: Waffles again? 
Brody: Yes! And we got chocolate milk! 

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