Monday, November 21, 2011

Smoke in my eyes

 This was the view from our front porch as a house down the street caught on fire.  There was smoke everywhere.  Unfortunately, a lot of the firemen were at the UNI dome ready to cheer the Lisbon Lions on to state championship victory! (Woo hoo, go Lions!) The fire was contained but a lot of the house was ruined.  The boys sat in awe at the fire trucks rushing down the street to help save the house.  We're lucky to have a great volunteer fire department here in Lisbon.

 We decided to head to the UNI Dome too, to cheer on our home town! This is the outfit Brody chose (he said the life jacket was his safety jacket) It was great to watch the boys cheer for their home town football team.  I was secretly counting down the years until they can be on the field!  (weather it be marching or tackling)
Baylor got in the spirit with his red and black complete with a mo-hawk (all the football boys were sporting them) He was pumped.

Life has been crazy busy and we are thankful to get a few days rest here at Thanksgiving. We get to meet our new nephew Colby and see my brother and sister-in-law!

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