Saturday, January 21, 2012


People need to laugh more. 
These are things that make me laugh.....
My children.
My reflection. 
People who think leggings are pants.
People who take life too seriously. 
My husband's high pitched girl squeal of a laugh.
My cars tires in winter weather. 
Brody's resemblance to a flying squirrel.
Baylor's developing sense of humor. 
The use of the word poop. 
The overuse of cowbell. 
Jimmy Fallon. 
Brody's deep belly laugh.
When people push the pull door. 
Improper use of grammar. 
Those weird alien things on Sesame know, Yip yip yip, yaw yaw yaw.
Larry the Cable Guy (I know, I'm slightly redneck) 
My driving in winter weather. 
The fact that I can act my age but it's so much to act 14. 
Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate rhyming...penis. 
Conan O'brien in Jeggings. 
The fact that some people need a high the face....with a chair. 
Brody trying to explain something using his hands AND his face. 
Those cute animal photos where people have added ridiculously amusing captions. 

What makes you laugh? 

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