Friday, February 24, 2012

Two boys and some boxes

 HEY! We gots a box yo! We got TWO BOXES! What could be more fun than a box? 
 TWO boxes! 
 Fun for hours and hours......
 Whoa, Brody. Stop with the fun already. 
 Look at this sweet boy? Ah, those eyes! He's growing up to fast!
And I leave you with a pretty picture of our street this morning. The only reason it's pretty is because it's supposed to melt by tomorrow. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was the big LOVE day.  The day in which millions of people spend ungodly amounts of money on things that only....1.Die 2. Make us fat 3. Get sent to Goodwill.  Can you tell I'm not a big fan?  I think everyday should be filled with, and lots of chocolate.

I got a half eaten box of chocolate and the birthday song sung to me from a sweet but obviously confused four year old.  It was rather precious though and it's the thought that counts, right?  The boys bounced off the walls last night until hours past their bedtime from all of the sugar in their system.

We've been working on showing love to each other with the boys.  One minute they are best friends and the next they are fighting ninja warriors sent to destroy each other.  Such is life.

Hope you all had a wonderful V day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The kid table

The other night I had paintings strewn about the dining room table and Baylor had claimed the one and only open spot, so the only place for me to rest my hiney was at the kid table.  The kid table as we so lovingly call it, was passed down from when I was a child and it resides in our kitchen.  My knees practically up to my chin as I sat face to face with this crazy four.....excuse me, four and a half year old little boy.  I wasn't hovering above him or looking down at him, I was simply staring him in the sweet face.

We carried on quite the conversation as we talked about school and food and who his friends are at school.  I had never seen him quite so vocal or carry on such a conversation as we had sitting there.  All it took was for me to get down to his level.  We sat there on equal playing fields, one not dominating over the other, simply shooting the breeze.  I loved it.

I think I shall sit at the kid table more often.

What have you done to get down to your child's level recently? Have you laid on the floor with them to play UNO or sat at their "kid table?"

Do it.  You won't regret it.