Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The kid table

The other night I had paintings strewn about the dining room table and Baylor had claimed the one and only open spot, so the only place for me to rest my hiney was at the kid table.  The kid table as we so lovingly call it, was passed down from when I was a child and it resides in our kitchen.  My knees practically up to my chin as I sat face to face with this crazy four.....excuse me, four and a half year old little boy.  I wasn't hovering above him or looking down at him, I was simply staring him in the sweet face.

We carried on quite the conversation as we talked about school and food and who his friends are at school.  I had never seen him quite so vocal or carry on such a conversation as we had sitting there.  All it took was for me to get down to his level.  We sat there on equal playing fields, one not dominating over the other, simply shooting the breeze.  I loved it.

I think I shall sit at the kid table more often.

What have you done to get down to your child's level recently? Have you laid on the floor with them to play UNO or sat at their "kid table?"

Do it.  You won't regret it.

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