Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mother of the Year?

 Yes. That's right. He's playing IN the street AND behind a car.  For this, I am awarded the MOM OF THE YEAR award.  It's a highly sought after award, and I have been in the running now for a long time.  I was nominated in many categories.....such as best breakfast award (cookies) Where is your child? award (on the street corner wrapped in a blanket) but this one takes the cake.  He had fun though and that's what counts, right?!
 You have to give me some credit though. It was raining and there was a river running down the street.  He was behind his Dad's car, which was parked and going nowhere.  This kid loves to play in water, he's a magnet.
 He's also been pretty sick this week.  First he came down with strep throat....even without tonsils, strep fought....and won.  Then a few days later he came down with the stomach bug.  I got the phone call every mom dreads (okay, maybe just me) "COME HOME NOW BRODY IS PUKING EVERYWHERE!" Fabulous.

 I'm blaming the strep, but being the freak of nature that I am, I sanitized the entire house 14 times and texted my husband (who was home with him) every 15 minutes asking if he washed his hands.  I am well aware of where my sanity level is when it comes to puking.

 Chloe has a favorite seat at the kitchen table.  It doesn't matter what is on the table (a Civil War reenactment thanks to Baylor) she just plops her butt down and stares out the window.
 She and her partner in crime Macey, have managed to escape FIVE times already this week. We still can't figure out how they're doing it, but if you see two beagles running down the middle of the street headed East, they're probably ours.
 Brody was feeling well enough to practice his terrorist in training moves.  (I kid) I really wonder what people think when they drive by our house.
Never a dull moment for sure!

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