Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Musings

1. Toothless, not a care in the world (don't grow up too fast little man!) 

2. Verse of the week. God gets the last word. Thank goodness. 

3. Future lawn mower in training. 

4. Prayers will be accepted for our family, our future and GOD's plan for our future. We've seen quite a few closed doors and are ready for some open windows! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Green Tractor and the Tooth Fairy

 Baylor pulled BOTH of his front teeth out this weekend! He was SO excited. The tooth fairy was extra busy. Just don't ask him to say Mississippi.
We spent the weekend at the farm with my grandparents, celebrating a late Easter and a few birthdays! Grandpa got a new bright green John Deere tractor and the boys got to take turns driving it.  They were in heaven! 

 We also got to ride the ponies (thank you Aunt Sheri!) This little guy is Hot Cocoa. He was rescued from a circus where he had to ride in circles day after day.  So glad to see him in a better place. He was great for the boys.  He also has some sweet highlights in his mane, very stylish.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Allosauruseseseses and pink eye

Easter was kind of a bust this year.  60% was my fault (I shall explain later) and 40% was a little bacterial infection known as conjunctivitis' fault (You shall see a pretty awesomely gross photo later) BUT Baylor did get the Allosaurus that he had been saving up his money for.  Good job Easter Bunny, at least you did one thing right. 

 It all started out with this little guy.  Saturday night he started itching his eyes and complaining about how much they hurt.  Then they started to swell, turn red and produce the nastiest slimiest goo that I've ever seen come out of an eyeball.  Instead of tears he had snot coming out of his tear ducts. True story.  We started him on eye drops and hoped it would be enough. 

 Not so much.

He woke up screaming because his eyes were basically glued shut with the nasty goobers.  Ewww. 
Sunday=Easter=nothing except ER open. Fabulous.  So off to the ER we went.  Saw Dr. McDreamy, got a few more antibiotics and sent us on our way.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

It was requested that the Easter meal this year should be beef brisket.  Now I am not familiar with this cut of meat, but my dad was a butcher and I thought I could hold my own in the meat isle.  So I grabbed what I thought was beef brisket, threw it in the crock pot, added some bbq sauce and in 8-10 hours we should be enjoying bbq beef brisket sandwiches.  


Did you know that there is a difference between beef brisket and corned beef brisket? 

Oh, heck yes there is.  About 12lbs of salt.  

Epic brisket failure. 

At least I had my stack o' books to get me through the weekend.  
I got a little carried away at the library.  

Okay, now for the gross photo.  Consider yourself warned.  


I warned you.


This photo doesn't even do his poor little eye balls justice.  This was after 24 hours of antibiotic eye cream. I told you it was gross.  Welcome to parenthood. 

Hope your Easter was less goober filled that ours.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

He has ridden!

He has ridden indeed! 
 The boy who hated his bike found some extra motivation and decided to try without training wheels! (and check out that cute hiney) He has found success! Just in time for the Easter Bunny to deliver chocolate and toys (which may or may not have anything to do with the motivation behind riding his bike)
Safety first. Helmet (check) gloves (check)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Which way?

 Here is our little soccer player, ready for his game! (or herding cats as I like to call it)
 They told him not to use his hands, so he spent most of the game holding his hands behind his back. Can we say literal?

 We had to review which direction we were going......about 23 times.
 We took a trip to Aldi's after the game and decided to wait in the car while Dad got groceries.

 I taught the boys about the "oh poop" handles in the car.  Just in case.
They would never have to use these handles when I drive though.  Never. Ever.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 He has the right idea........kind of.
 He was trying to "help" me install a new toilet seat, obviously he was a little confused as to where the seat needed to go.
 The lilacs in my backyard are in full bloom (a little early, but I'm not complaining) I love being able to have fresh fragrant (and free) flowers all over my house.
 Here is my $30 fire pit.  Pay no attention to the jungle surrounding the fire pit....our mower is in the shop.
I'm so proud of my hubby for installing this new screen door with doggie door! After spending a few hours standing on the opposite side with a strip of bacon, the dogs FINALLY figured it out....and so did Brody.