Saturday, June 2, 2012

In stitches

I wondered where all of the milk went. 

To make milk-cicles of course. 

Duh, mom. 
I have a boy who thinks he's a dog and a dog that thinks she's a human.
 Well, he is a dog.......and all dogs go through the doggie door.
 It's amazing what a little tin foil can do.
 Brody lecturing the dog.

 Gate? What do you mean there's a gate? 
Poor Baylor man had a run in with a piece of playground equipment.  The equipment won.  We spent the evening in the ER getting stitches.  He was very brave and even impressed the doctors by how calm he was. Luckily it was right on the eyebrow so the scar should be hidden.  Lonnie and I both lost the bet though.....we had Brody as being first boy to get stitches!  Baylor proved us wrong.

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