Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do you ever blog anymore?

I know, sad. Life has become so crazy that keeping up with this lovely blog has been hard.  I know there are a few followers and family that need updating, so here you go! 
 My newest window that will stay on my porch :)
 How very fitting that these yahoos are sitting in a church pew.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parents house.  We really wanted to travel and see family that lives far away, but Lonnie only got one day off.  We're hoping to do a little more traveling at Christmas time.
 It was a balmy 60 degrees out that day and these two crazies (My dad and my husband) were trying to get an abandon hornets nest down from a pine tree.  It was pretty amusing.
 Helping me decorate the tree!

 Flo! Our very homely angel.  She is a family tradition and will passed down to my boys someday.

 We bought the book "Elf on a Shelf" for the kids this year and we have been having so much fun hiding him all over the house.
Brody wanted to take his snake to school with him.

We're hoping to get a Christmas email or blog post in the near future!  If you have a new email or address let us know.