Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big news!

 Well hello there! I know it has been a really really reeeeeaaaallly long time since I've blogged BUT I'm back....for a while.  Teaching (and coaching!) and being a mother and wife and artist has really taken over.  We do have some pretty awesome news though.  Do you see this photo above? The beautiful view of a pond and corn fields? This is going to be our view, from our NEW HOUSE! 
 God has been very good to us this past year.  We decided to sell our house (by ourselves, what an adventure) and in less than six weeks we have found a buyer.  It was a little rough at first, but if all goes well, we will close on our house at the end of August.  It will be bitter sweet saying goodbye to the old house, the place we bought when we were first married and brought two newborn baby boys home to.  At first, we didn't have a house to move in to, but God brought us to this place at just the right time.  It was just the right price and exactly what we have been looking for. 
 It sits on six acres (yes, six!!) with an old barn, a chicken coop and a pond filled with fish and frogs.  We are so thrilled and very blessed.  You can pray that everything goes smoothly with closings on both ends! Here is a view of the old barn. 
 This will be Baylor's room. He is very excited to have a room of his own.  He asked if the deer head could stay.  I think not. 
 Boys bathroom.  I have lots of decorating ideas already.  Lonnie has shot down a few too. 
 Breakfast nook.
 This will be Brody's room.  Perfect for a little boy with lots of energy.  
 Entry way/living room.  This is a modular house, so it was built indoors and then assembled on site.  They are very well made houses.  The family that we're buying it from has really done a lot of work to it. 
 Our ginormous front yard and the front of the house. 

 Kitchen! So excited. Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  Guess I'll have to start cooking again. 
This will be the laundry room.  
Living room. 
Living room looking into the kitchen. 
 Master bedroom, lots of space!  No more hitting my hip on the end of the bed when I get out!
 Master bath.
 Tub! So excited about this too!
 We actually have a pantry now! AND you can walk into it!
 We also bought a tractor with our house purchase because they told us it takes three to five hours to mow the lawn.  Lonnie is excited about this. 

Here is the stocked pond.  Beautiful! 
 My dad is already itching to get fishing! 

 Front porch.
Strawberry beds.  Hopefully I won't kill them.